About this Blog

Let's say you're feeling lethargic. You're having trouble difficulty focusing and routinely fall asleep within moments of sitting down. Would you seek the help of your doctor or local restaurant manager?

Let's say your car engine is making a strange noise and your "check engine" light comes on. Would you take your car to a certified mechanic or would you go to your local sporting goods store to consult the cashier?

Let's say your child comes home with homework and needs help with a particularly tough physics question. Would you seek the help of a physicist with a PhD or the high-school educated press secretary for your local political party?

If in any of the previous examples you would opt for the opinion of the expert, I have a question: Why would you ever seek the opinion of Bob Dutko?

Bob Dutko routinely opines on a number of subjects, none of which he is trained in. Bob claims an expertise in science, history and theology sufficient to challenge trained experts, yet he has no more than high school education. Bob is an expert on nothing.

We live in a society of experts. Expertise is necessary to practice any number of trades. Engineers are trained to design and build bridges. Experts are trained and licensed to practice medicine. Experts are trained and licensed to practice law. There is a simple word describing those who are caught practicing any of these trades without the proper training: FRAUD.

So again, I ask: Knowing that Bob Dutko has no formal training in any of the subjects he bloviates about, why would you trust him?

Bob needs you to trust him because, ultimately, he is selling something. Bob is promoting a flavor of Christianity in order to sell you legal services, charities, and mufflers. The ironic thing is that your aren't the customer, you're the product.

Bob's existence is dependent upon businesses purchasing advertising time on his show. The prices of the advertising space is dependent upon the amount of people listening to the show in a given length of time. These are ratings. Bob's goal is to say whatever he can in order to increase ratings so Crawford Broadcasting can increase ad revenue. This means that you, dear listener, aren't the customer. You are the product, the thing that Crawford Broadcasting takes to potential advertisers to convince them to purchase commercial time.

Therefore, in listening to Bob's show, you become a means to an end: You are how Bob makes his living.

Not only is this is inimical to trust, it's anti-Christian.

In Mark 11:15-17, Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the temple and forbid them from selling their goods because they turned the temple into a den of thieves. If Bob's goal is to increase rating to sell advertising space, then he isn't promoting God's grace, he's selling access to the temple. He attacks "liberals," the Christian left and scientists in order to sell you his idea of salvation. Bob doesn't give his ideas away freely, he sells them in the form of deceptive rhetoric, CDs, and commercials for transmission shops.

But if God's grace is freely given, what right does Bob Dutko have to make a profit off of it?

So this blog exists to chronicle Bob Dutko's lies, distortions and errors. Because they will remind you that Bob isn't intellectually honest. He's a huckster, determined to sell you junk science, fraudulent history and logical errors in order to line his own pockets.