Did Bob Cheat On His Wife?

Do you ever wonder if Bobbo lives up to his own moral standard?

I do, so I decided to do a little investigation.  In my search I discovered this article about Bob.  It's an recollection of a guest on Bob's show and isn't favorable towards Bob.

But this article has two comments that piqued my interest.  The first:

You have a lot of great points about Bob Dutko.... I bet he never admitted one serious and very true fact about his life; he had an affair with my friend's wife! Yes that's right an affair about four years ago! I'm sure he never mentioned that on your show. Of course not! Yeah, he and his wife figured they could push it off like it's no big deal and just move on like nothing happened. They were so nieve that the church he was attending at the time revoked his membership. They have legal documents of the whole affair that I'm sure you could find if you some digging(hint the church is Rockpointe in Sterling Heights, MI). How did he get caught? Well, there's a tape recording of the affair.

The second:
Bob is a fraud. He had an affair with [REDACTED] a few years ago and covered it up.. Were you successfull Bob? How does it feel to have such a secret hidden no one else knows about except you and a handful of people? Does that make you a man? 
I know what you're thinking:  This is unfair!  This is just anonymous commentary on the Internet targeting Bob.  This is just rumor or innuendo.

You might be right.  But, because I'm an judicious, evenhanded guy, I decided to ask Bob if these rumors are true.  This is our on-air conversation:

Did you hear me ask my question?  No?  The reason is obvious:  Bob cut me off, refused to answer my questions and and accused me of using profanity.

Since you can't hear what happened, I'll tell you:  When Bob took my call, I  asked him if he ever had an affair with a woman breaking his marriage vows, a holy covenant.  A faint, shocked Dutko replied, "Nooooo," and hung up on me.

The question remains:  Did Bob Dutko cheat on his wife?

So I'm looking for answers.  In my search, I invite people to do two things:  First, call Bob on free-for-all Friday and ask him if he broke his marriage covenant.  Second, if you have first hand evidence proving that Bob is incapable of living up to the moral standards he espouses, share it with me.  I'm curious to see it and share it with the world. 

You can reach me at Irlhudnutt at gmail dotcom.