Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bob contradicts himself…..again

Today, once again, Bob brought up the issue of global warming. At the outset, he said you can be a good Christian and believe in global warming, but you must recognize that you’re being duped (Since when did Bob get to decide who is a good Christian? And by what standards?)

Not more than 5 minutes later, he reversed himself and declared that you can't be a Christian and believe that global warming exists. The reason is simple: Because global warming is a liberal idea, and you'll end up involved with liberal environmentalists, abortionists and the ACLU!

According to Bob, supporting the reduction of greenhouse gases makes you "pro-abortion."

In Bob’s mind, you can’t support any liberal idea even if the Bible supports it. Certain ideas are off limits to Christians because they are "liberal," despite the fact that Jesus would have agreed with them! According to Bob, Jesus would not have approved of the following: Alleviating poverty, just war theory, racial equality, third world debt relief, economic policies that reduce abortions and universal health care. According to Bob, if a Christian believes in any of the latter, they are just opening themselves up to political exploitation by "liberals."

However, Bob argues that Jesus would support the following: War, torture, the dehumanization of workers, war profiteering, the erosion of human rights, using religion for political exploitation, coddling domestic terrorists, and ending programs designed to fight poverty and racism. Good thing that Jesus appointed Bob as his representative here on earth, right?

BTW, George Bush admitted that global warming exists. I guess this makes him a "secular leftist" that Bob loves to lie about.


Anonymous said...

I also heard Bob try to link global warming and the ACLU. His argument (if you want to call it that) was that the ACLU believes in global warming and therefore if you believe in global warming you're somehow buying into all of the ACLU's positions.

A big problem with that logic is that I can't seem to find that the ACLU has developed any position on global warming! On their homepage, they have a bunch of issues listed, but global warming, climate change, and the environment simply aren't listed. A Google search of "aclu global warming" didn't provide anything substantive.

So how did Bob come up with this wacky assertion? My guess is that he just made it up.

drseinfeld said...

Farrell Till, in the Skeptical Review, said Jesus was a liberal. I did a search on the KJV and the word conservative does not appear but references to liberal do appear and they seem to be all pretty good.
It was the conservative religious establishment that had Jesus killed in the bible.

The liberal Jesus article:

The word liberal in the bible:
Pro 11:25 The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.

Isa 32:5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said [to be] bountiful.

Isa 32:8 But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.

2Cr 9:13 Whiles by the experiment of this ministration they glorify God for your professed subjection unto the gospel of Christ, and for [your] liberal distribution unto them, and unto all [men];