Thursday, January 25, 2007

From a Christian Perspective

Bob bills his "News Hour," as "news ... from a Christian perspective." Today on the "News Hour," Bob decided to smear Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi regarding the minimum wage increase, recently passed by the House. Bob noted that the Act excepted American Samoa from the new $7.25/hour minimum wage. Bob theorized that the reason that the Act excepted American Samoa was because of Starkist's tuna processing operations in that territory. Bob noted that Starkist is owned by Del Monte, whose headquarters are in Speaker Pelosi's district.

Bob's theory was wrong for two reasons: First, the Fair Labor Standards Act requires that minimum wages in American Samoa be set in an industry specific manner. Second, Ms. Pelosi voted for a similar minimum wage bill in 1999, which also excepted American Samoa, before Del Monte even owned Starkist.

So, would someone please tell me, how is smearing Speaker Pelosi with false, bullshit theories, acting from a "Christian Perspective"?

Furthermore, why didn't Bob mention that Republicans in the Senate effectively killed the minimum wage bill by filibuster? Wait! I know why! Because mentioning that would make Bob's favorite political party look like cold-hearted bastards who think that people can somehow survive making less than $7.25/hour.

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