Friday, January 26, 2007

Operation Rescue

Bob just had Cheryl Sullenger from Operation Rescue (fka Operation Rescue West) on the show. She and her boss, Troy Newman, are regular guests of Mr. Dutko. They come on the show to promote their business, which is raising donations so they can protest Dr. George Tiller and Women's Health Care Services of Wichita, Kansas.

But here's the thing about Cheryl Sullenger: she's a convicted felon and served two years imprisonment for conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic in San Diego. Why doesn't Bob mention this to his listeners? Why have a would-be terrorist on the show? I pointed out Ms. Sullenger's criminal past to Bob in an email back in 2005 and received no reply. I can only assume that Bob has "forgiven" her for conspiring to kill people and/or destroy property.

As further evidence of Operation Rescue's support of violence, they recently authorized a comment from Michael Bray to appear on their moderated discussion forum. (Operation Rescue approves each comment and before allowing it appear on the site.) This comment heaps praise on Shelly Shannon, another convicted felon, who shot Dr. Tiller back in 1994. Mr. Bray, himself a convicted felon, has written in support of the use of violence against abortion providers.

I can only hope that Bob will stop allowing Operation Rescue and their obvious support for violent extremism on his show.


Anonymous said...

Gtreat post.. I agree fully that Bob's failure to disclose or choose another guest in place of thsi felon is truly revealing with regard to his lack of fairness and sensitivity. If the thinks he's RIGHT, that's all that matters.

Anonymous said...

I am a pro-life Christian and I denounce all violence. I hope your readers will come to see that true Christians respect all human beings as we are taught man is made in the image of God. Please accept my apology for those who name Jesus Christ as Savior, but do not act as if He is their LORD.