Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Google Bobbed

Bob's persecution complex was in high gear today as he desperately searched for something to get outraged about. Luckily, he didn't have to look farther than the search engine Google to find an outlet for his rage.

Bob started by asking if "Google was anti-American". Many of you are probably saying, WTF? Personally, I have not heard of Google executives calling for a suspension of the Constitution and the establishment of a dictatorial regime. So what was the source of Bob's outrage? Well first, Bob cited a news report that 98% of the campaign contributions from employees of Google went to Democrats.

So let me get this straight. To Bob, supporting the Democratic Party is now anti-American. Let that sink in for a little bit. I can only assume that Bob believes that the only way to be pro-American is to support a party other than the Democrats. How can Bob make these statements with a straight face? Does he really think that the majority of Americans who voted for Democrats in 2006 are somehow anti-American? Do you have to vote for the Republicans to be "truly" American?

But Bob wasn't done. He had even more compelling evidence to show that Google is anti-American. Namely, Google didn't put up a special holiday logo for President's Day. Yeah folks, that's it. Since Google isn't changing its logo for every single national holiday, they're anti-American. Bob conveniently ignores the fact that Google does honor Independence Day every year. (Independence day is listed by the CIA World Factbook as our "National Holiday".)

These are the critical thinking skills that Bob has put on display for us. With this kind of logic, can anybody believe Bob on anything?


djtyg said...

Yeah, according to Bob, there are many things you can't be if you're a Democrat or a liberal. To him, you can't be a 1. Christian 2. American 3. A good person 4. An intelligent person (by his own standards of intelligence, of course) 5. Someone who wants to defeat the terrorists.

Goes to show how big a liar Bob is and what he really worships (Hint: It looks like an elephant)

djtyg said...

I forgot: He also doesn't think you can be a member of the Democratic party and care about human life. Because after all, despite being against universal healthcare, being for pre-emptive war, and not caring about the millions of people starving in our own country, the Republicans are the only party of life because they talk about outlawing abortion someday.