Thursday, February 8, 2007

Senate Chaplain

Yesterday, Bob was all upset that the Senate Chaplain, Barry C. Black, canceled his appearance at a religious right conference called Reclaiming America for Christ. The conference is one of the many products of the ailing D. James Kennedy, who wants to "exercise godly dominion over ... our neighborhoods, our schools, our government ... in short, over every aspect and institution of human society." The conference features topics such as "Darwin's deadly legacy" and "Making America safe for the unborn". After looking at the words of Dr. Kennedy and the agenda of the conference, is it any wonder that the Chaplain decided he didn't want to be associated with this function?

Then Bob got even more upset cause the Chaplain made an appearance on Air America radio. Bob didn't say why this was so bad. Maybe Bob doesn't like competition.

I guess I really don't understand the source of Bob's outrage. Isn't the Senate Chaplain allowed to make his own decisions on where he wants to go, who he wants to associate with, and what interviews he wants to grant? I mean, he's not working exclusively for Bob, is he?

Well, I have solution that should hopefully make everyone happy. Since Bob doesn't like the actions of the Senate Chaplain and I can't see why the Senate needs its own taxpayer funded chaplain, let's just eliminate the position permanently. This way, we'll save the taxpayers a few bucks and Bob won't be angry because a civil servant didn't do exactly what Bob wants him to do. Well, I'm sure Bob will find another way to get angry.

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djtyg said...

He's angry that the chaplain went on a liberal radio station instead of pandering to the dominionist conservatives.

It means that there's actually religious liberals out there! Oh my gosh! We aren't all Godless!

And when the rest of the Christians that listen to Bob realize that, they stop liking him. I'm speaking from experience, of course:).