Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bob and Kelly

On Wednesday, Kelly from the Rational Response Squad was on the show. If you've been listening lately, you'll know that Kelly and Brian Sapient are atheists who debated Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort on Nightline last week over the existence of God.

Of course, Bob was up to his usual tactics, blindsiding her. Bob peppered Kelly with all sorts of mumbo-jumbo that was supposed provide "proof" of God.

Bob started off with his First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics "proofs" that Irl has discussed before. Then he moved on to the Watchmaker argument, substituting the Sphinx for the sandcastle.

After ignoring Kelly's pleas that he was arguing from ignorance, Bob wrapped up by challenging Kelly to give him evidence of abiogenesis, the study of how life may have arisen. From what I could tell, Kelly tried to mention the Miller-Urey experiment, but Bob started talking over her (as he did multiple times during the interview). Finally, Bob ridiculed her both during and after the interview for daring to suggest such a thing.

I thought Kelly handled herself admirably, just as she did against Cameron and "the banana-man" Comfort. But this was just one more example of Bob blindsiding his non-scientist guests with pseudo-scientific theories and expecting them to refute this garbage off the top of their heads.

Bob, if you really want to be "intellectually honest," why don't you save the pseudo-science for when you have actual evolutionary scientists on the show?


Irl Hudnutt said...

I wish I had heard this but, alas, employment has prevented my listening to Bob for a couple of weeks now.

Bob has such a limited bag of tricks. And they are tricks, because if he couldn't ambush his guests, he'd reveal how ignorant he is.

Bob isn't interested in true dialogue. That would involve acually listening to people and taking their points seriously.

And Bob just can't do that....

John said...

As much as I want to ,I can't stay away from listening to Bob during my lunch time. I heard the debate,or at least portions of it since I had coworkers pop into my cubicle periodically ( probably wanted to known why I was throwing things against my cublicle wall ). I had heard Bob the week before mention that Kelly was to be on the radio so I emailed her via the Rational Response squad website with a heads up on Bob ( even mentioned this website as possible support). I mentioned Bob's patented Therodynamics Defense. Whether she read the email or viewed this site I don't know. Did you notice that Bob spent more time with having call ins after the debate with Kelly than having the debate with her. And I don't need to mention what the bias of the call ins were ( even had the usual I feel sorry for her she's going to hell caller). About the Miller-Urey experiment: yeah nothing crawled out of the test tube but at least they demonstrated that amnio acids ( the building blocks of proteins) can be created without the need of supernatural power.

By the way during Friday's Free for All Bob in effect claimed that the Devil has more power than God. Someone called in about whether murder could be forgiven. Bob said that the blood of Christ washes all sin away and to say that it doesn't means that the devil has more power than God/Christ. But what about the classic sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, a supposedly "unforgivable sin". If Ole Scratch can get somebody to do it, bingo he wins and no amount of being in Christ's sanguinary wash cycle will cleanse the sin away.

Final note: also during Friday's show a classic Bob logic ( I actually wrote it down so I couldn't forget it) Bob said that if one saw a pink elephant in a room yet the Bible said that pink elephants exist, the Bible's "pink elephant" statement wasn't wrong but your interpretation of it was. Huh?

John said...

OOPS made a typo in my above post: the statement should be " If you saw a pink elephant in the room and yet the Bible said that pink elephants DON'T exist..." So much for my note taking.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Professor Stanley Miller (the Miller-Urey Experiment guy), died on Monday...

Christopher said...

Does anyone have any idea on how to get a recording and/or transcript of this show? There's an argument about this show going on here, and I'd love to have it.

And, yes I have emailed Dutko about it, but I'm writing this late at night so I haven't been able to get a response.


Anonymous said...

Evolution has never been proven.