Thursday, May 10, 2007

Detox; Global Warming on Mars

Bob's Monday show was "science" day. Of course, that translates to, "complete and utter lack of science" day.

As part of his continuing efforts to deny global warming, Bob mentioned that Mars is undergoing some warming as well. The "theory" is that since Mars is warming too, then Earth's warming could not be caused by human actions, but rather by a natural solar cycle.

Now, I'm not a climate scientist nor an astrophysicist. But I do now how to use Google. So I did a search on "mars global warming". One of the results was this article, discussing why global warming on Mars isn't analogous to global warming on Earth. It's written by an actual astrophysicist at Penn State, Steinn Sigurdsson.

Now you could trust Bob, whose formal education apparently ended after high school and is apparently an expert on everything; or you can trust an actual astrophysicist who holds a Ph.D. from CalTech and studies this stuff for a living. I'm going with Dr. Sigurdsson.

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