Friday, August 17, 2007

Are You Kidding Me?!

Today Bob had a man on from the Christian Defense Coalition to help present the case that we should stay in Iraq because Christians will be persecuted if we leave.

But Bob doesn't care about that. How do I know? He told me when I called his show a year ago. Click on the link for the full story.

During the call I said "There's over 200,000 Christians in Iraq right now that are being persecuted for their beliefs, and it started going on after we invaded Iraq. Now can you honestly tell me that knowing that, you would still say it was a good idea that we invade Iraq knowing that it would result in the deaths of thousands of Christians?"

Bob said "Yes I would."

Bob cares more about defending conservative policy than he does the lives of Christians. Bob is a disgusting human being.

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Anonymous said...

Uh, I'm pretty sure that Christians are being persecuted in Iraq, even with us there. Thousands have fled to Syria. Others are being killed in the ethnic cleansing and civil war that the United States started by removing Hussein from power and disbanding the Iraqi Army.

If Bob really cared about the Christian (mostly Catholic) Iraqis, then he would have been against the invasion from the start, like real religions leaders were.