Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bob can't stop talking about Bill Clinton

I turned on Dutko today to hear him ranting and raving about Bill Clinton and how he lied and therefore denied Paula Jones a fair trial.

Geez-o-pete, when will Bob stop talking about this? This all happened over a decade ago! Can't he find something more recent and relevant to talk about?

Well, here's something more recent and relevent: The Center for Public Integrity has published a report documenting 935 false statements given on 532 seperate occasions by the Bush Administration during the run-up to the Iraq War. And before you think, well, that must be some liberal group with an axe to grind, keep in mind that this same group also exposed all sorts of shenanigans by Bill Clinton.

But Bob doesn't care about the false statements of Bush and his administration which led to the death of thousands of Americans as well as an ever-growing price tag that will eventually have to be borne by the taxpayers. Instead, Bob talks about the sex-life of Bill Clinton. Incredible.

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John B said...

And it seems that Bob will be spreading his bullshit nationwide. Heard a promo by Bob that in early February the Crawford network will be having Bob " fearlessly defending the faith" nationwide for an hour. In the Detroit area the show is supposed to be on a sister station,560 on the AM dial I believe,from 4 to 5PM. Now Bob can rehash his crap to a wider audience. This is truly the end of civilization as we know it.