Friday, January 11, 2008

Bob's wrong again, in less than 10 seconds

I turned Bob on today and heard him respond to a caller by saying that it took the United States 11 years to develop a Constitution after declaring Independence. (In comparison, the Iraqis developed their own constitution in about 2.5 years.) This is all I heard of the conversation and it was literally 10 seconds after I turned the radio on.

But of course, Bob is wrong as usual. The Articles of Confederation, which was the United States first constitution, was written and adopted in 1777, which is just a year after independence (1776). Of course, the government managed to do this while simultaneously fighting the British. After the fighting was over, Congress went back and developed a brand new Constitution in 1783.

(As an aside, if any of Bob's listeners want to understand the actual horrifying situation in Iraq, I highly suggest you turn off Dutko and start reading Informed Comment, a blog written by Juan Cole of the University of Michigan. Dr. Cole is an expert on the Middle East while Bob is just some radio hack. This assessment of the success of the "surge" is particularly depressing.)

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