Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Washington Times

Those who listen to Bob for any length of time realize that he has several "news" sources that he likes to reference.

These include the far-right websites WorldNetDaily and NewsMax.

Bob also makes frequent reference to stories in The Washington Times which publishes a daily paper version. Now, the Times isn't some ancient newspaper that was founded in the 1800s and just happens to carry a conservative slant. No, it's origin is a lot weirder then that.

The Times was founded in 1982 by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Moon is the leader of the Unification Church, founded in 1952 in South Korea. The Times is a money losing newspaper that requires a daily influx of cash from Moon and the Unification Church. In fact, over $3 billion dollars have been spent by Moon and the Unification church since its founding to keep the up and running. As such, the Times is really nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Unification Church.

Moon is a lunatic. He has described himself as the "Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord," has used a Federal office building for a coronation ceremony, and has claimed that he helped Hitler and Stalin "be reborn as new persons." Moon is also a convicted tax cheat and a money launderer.

It may just be me, but Rev. Moon certainly doesn't sound like a Christian to me. He sounds delusional.

Bob attacks Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, calling them cult organizations. But I've never heard Bob say anything negative about Rev. Moon, the Unification Church, or the Times.


To do so puts Bob in kind of a sticky situation. Because the Times provides the religious right with all sorts of "news" stories that assist them in delivering the message of extreme social conservatism. Without the Times, Bob loses a source that sounds credible and provides him with an extreme-right Republican point-of-view.

But Bob Dutko is a professed Christian.

So why does he constantly and consistently cite a newspaper that is run by a cult-leader who believes that he is the Messiah?

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