Sunday, May 11, 2008

Former Pastor

Last week, while arguing with a caller, Bob stated that Rev. Jeremiah Wright should not be referred to as the "former" pastor of Sen. Barack Obama.

As usual, this is wrong and an outright lie.

First of all, go ahead and Google "former pastor." You'll get hundreds if not thousands of news stories which all use the term "former pastor" to describe Rev. Wright. Here's one that states that "Obama, 46, has split with his former pastor, denouncing Wright's comments..." Seems pretty clear to me. Obama no longer considers Wright his pastor and is therefore is his former pastor.

But wait! You might point out that Obama still goes to that church, Trinity UCC, where Wright was the pastor. That may be true (although I doubt while being in Washington, D.C. and on the campaign trail, Obama gets back to Trinity a lot). Regardless, Wright is no longer the Pastor at Trinity. He retired earlier this year and gave his last sermon on February.

So exactly where does Bob get off saying that Wright is not Obama's former pastor? Is there some special, secret ritual that Obama must perform for Wright to be granted former pastor status?

Bob just refuses to let go of this "issue" (even though he said he'd be happy to do so weeks ago). Bob wants to firmly affix Wright to Obama in order to provide guilt by association. But people aren't buying this nonsense anymore. A man is not judged by the words of his pastor. He is judged by his own words and his own actions.

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djtyg said...

Bob doesn't want to see a black man running things.