Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bob's Iraq News Bubble

I have to wonder how Bob keeps him insulated from the reality of what the United States has done to the people of Iraq as a result of our invasion and occupation.

Today, Bob decided to berate American Muslims for not supporting George W. Bush and the Republicans after they launched the disastrous war in Iraq. Bob called this "a problem that exists even among moderate Muslims in America." Bob wanted these Muslims to self-examine their thoughts on this issue. After all, look at all the great things that Bush and the Republicans accomplished:
  • Removed Saddam Hussein
  • Went to war with (and defeated!) al-Qaida and "the terrorists"
  • Wiretapped telephone calls from "terrorists"
  • Profiled Muslims getting on planes
Bob thinks moderate Muslims should be cheering on Bush for all these "accomplishments".

Well, Bob, let me give you my thoughts why Muslims, as well as reasonable, compassionate persons of all beliefs, might not be so super duper happy with George W. Bush and the Republicans:

In short, the U.S., under orders of George W. Bush, took a stable, functioning state (Iraq) made up primarily of Muslims, and turned into a non-stop, hell-like war zone. Sure, Iraq was no paradise under Saddam Hussein. But at least the vast majority of people had a decent existence and didn't fear for their lives and future at every moment. Let's look at George W. Bush's actual accomplishments in Iraq and the "war on terror" in general:
  1. Hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis.
  2. 1.4 Million Iraqis that are displaced from their homes.
  3. Over $600 billion spent for the Iraq War alone.
  4. Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, the men behind the 9/11 attacks, have still not been captured or killed!
Our invasion of Iraq utterly and irreversibly screwed up Iraq and shattered the lives of millions of Muslims. And of course, all Americans, including the Muslim ones, will end up paying for this debacle for decades to come.

Does that clear things up for you Bob?


djtyg said...

Maybe he doesn't realize that Christians have turned against this war, too?

He's just using this as an excuse to bash Muslims. Most Christians don't even want us in Iraq anymore.

dano said...

what would jesus do ?

start a war, yes, sure, thats what jesus would do. ;-) ahh, american fundamentalist christians, morons,
morons that just keep dumping.

chesterfield, mi