Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Day, Another Display of Hypocrisy

A couple of years back, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard appeared on Bob's show to drum up support from Bob's flock during his disastrous run for U.S. Senate. Before the "interview" began, I emailed Bob and reminded him to ask Bouchard if he's ever cheated on his wife and how that relates to his Christian faith.

After the interview, Bob wrote to me and said that he considered it "a matter between him, his wife, and God." But without prompting, Bob launched into a defense of his numerous on-air discussions about Bill Clinton's sex life. In the email, Bob argued that he only talked about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky because of the perjury charge. Well, why not let Bob do the talking:
If he [Bouchard] did what Bill Clinton did by committing the felony of perjury in an attempt to deny a fair trial to another citizen (Paula Jones), then Bouchard's affair WOULD become public business, not because he had an affair, but because he broke the law. That's always been my position, without change. That's why when there have been news stories about Democrats having affairs, I have always ignored them, every time. I didn't even criticize Jesse Jackson for his affair a couple of years ago. He broke no laws and so I considered that a personal issue that was none of my business. I assumed he repented and asked forgiveness and that's always been good enough for me. As a matter of fact, you are not able to come up with one example ever of me criticizing a Democrat for having an affair. Not one. Why? Because I have always been consistent on what the Bible says about forgiveness for the repentant sinner.
(emphasis added)
So imagine my shock when I tuned in today to hear to hear Bob talking to some woman about allegations, by supermarket tabloid National Enquirer, that John Edwards had an extramarital affair.

Huh? What happened to all of Bob's rhetoric about "always" being "consistent" and "always" ignoring news stories about Democrats having affairs? Bob, I thought you said this type of thing was "a personal issue that was none of [your] business"? How did John Edwards' alleged infidelity suddenly become your business? Where's the law breaking in the case of Edwards? Heck, Edwards doesn't hold any public office and is no longer running for any office! So why is this "news" story even on Dutko's show?!

So here we are with another shining example of Bob's hypocrisy. His discussion today was merely another instance of his never-ending demonization of Democrats. Bob won't talk about how Republican presidential candidate John McCain cheated on his wife. Furthermore, there's no shortage of other Republican sex scandals that Bob could talk about. But he won't. Because he's a liar, a hypocrite, and a GOP shill. Nothing more.


John B said...


Were you expecting Bob to be anything else but a hypocritical ass?

Scooter said...

It's possible that Bob had an affair of his own. Here's an excerpt from an email that I sent to Jeff back in February...

"I came across something interesting recently on YouTube. When I entered "Dutko" into the search field, it led me to this page...


...you'll notice that there are only 3 comments, but just a few days ago there were 8. One of them was from username 'lxowner'...


It stated that about 4 years ago Bob had an affair with a married woman, and was expelled from Rockpointe Community Church...


...and that there are documents to prove it. Although this post was removed from You tube, part of it can be retrieved by googling "Dutko+nieve" (sic). This will also lead you to an article entitled "Moonbat Is on the Air"...


...which has a very similar comment posted by "annominous"...

"You have a lot of great points about Bob Dutko.... I bet he never admitted one serious and very true fact about his life; he had an affair with my friend's wife! Yes that's right an affair about four years ago! I'm sure he never mentioned that on your show. Of course not! Yeah, he and his wife figured they could push it off like it's no big deal and just move on like nothing happened. They were so nieve that the church he was attending at the time revoked his membership. They have legal documents of the whole affair that I'm sure you could find if you some digging(hint the church is Rockpointe in Sterling Heights, MI). How did he get caught? Well, there's a tape recording of the affair."

So either lxowner/annominous is telling the truth or they're not..."

Maybe someone out there could shed more light on these allegations.

Anonymous said...


I thought about deleting your comment because I really don't want to spread rumors about people, even those as malicious as Bob.

But then I thought maybe Bob would like a taste of his own medicine. He obviously has no problem spreading rumors about John Edwards; so I should have no problem with spreading rumors about Bob Dutko.