Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin

Today, Bob spent the vast majority of the day attacking "the liberal media" for talking about the pregnancy of Sarah Palin's unmarried, 17-year old daughter. Bob threw around words like "despicable" and "sleazy" to describe the media. I would estimate that Bob devote about 3 hours of his 4 hour program to talking about how horrible the media is for talking about Gov. Palin's daughter's behavior that is clearly sinful in the eyes of God.

I actually agree with Bob in this regard. The fact that Bristol Palin can't keep her panties on until after she's married is frankly none of my business. I could care less what she does with her vagina and uterus.

But, of course, this outrage at the "media" is simply a smokescreen to divert your attention from the real issues surrounding Gov. Palin. Here's just a sample:
But I think the most damning charge against her revolves around her ties with the Alaska Independence Party. The AIP's primary goal is to secede Alaska from the United States. Her husbaned was a member of the party and Palin herself delivered a videotaped speech to the party just six months ago! Bob says its alright to question Barack Obama's patriotism because he doesn't wear a U.S. flag lapel pin. I have to assume that her involvement with the AIP makes it OK to question Sarah Palin's patriotism!

Hey, Bob: Barack Obama himself says to lay off Sarah Palin's family. Why don't you stop talking about it as well and take some time to look at the real ethical problems with this candidate?


djtyg said...

Did Bob praise Obama for telling the media to stay out of her family's life? I doubt it.

I agree with Bob on this one. The difference being that if this was happening to a Democrats' daughter, Bob wouldn't hesitate to pounce on it.

dano said...

oh gosh,

since when did american poltics and american media come up with the idea that intelligence and an ability to speak and write correctly was the same as being an elitist ?

that trick has won its share of elections, sadly to say, and helped to contribute to the dumbing down of the men and women of this country. including bobbo.

where did jesus say not to develop or to use your brain and think for yourself ?

chesterfield twp, mi