Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bob Jumps On The Anti-ACORN Bandwagon

You can always count on Bobby to spin the issues the way the right-wing wants him to. Today, Bob just finished up bashing ACORN, the group that conservatives are accusing of voter fraud by turning in false voter registration cards.

Bob said that these are only the ones that got caught, and that we'll never really know how far this thing goes.

Of course what Bobbo didn't tell you was that the reason why the people turning in voter registration forms got caught was because ACORN reported them.

When ACORN received voter registration cards that looked suspicious, they flagged them before turning them into election officials. They're required by law to turn them in, even if they think they're invalid. You cannot throw away a voter registration card just because YOU think it's not right. Had ACORN done that, they would've been accused of throwing away legitimate voter registration cards.

This is all an attempt by conservatives like Bob Dutko to claim that the 2008 election was stolen when it's obvious that Obama's going to win. They don't want to admit to themselves that people aren't buying into the false ideas of conservatism, so they'll lie and say it was stolen.

Well too bad. When your opponent is leading by 15 points in the polls, you can't be taken seriously when you say the election was stolen. If Obama and McCain were neck and neck, you could give the conspiracy theory some traction. But when Obama's leading by double digits, Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for losing.


Anonymous said...

Did Bob mention McCain's ties to ACORN? Or was that conveniently omitted?

djtyg said...

What do you think:)?

John B said...

Bob's motto ( with apology to the NY Times): " All the news that Bob thinks fits Bob view - hell with the rest"