Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bob Reveals his True Nature!


Not that you realize it, but you revealed yourself today.

It was during your interview with Karl Giberson. You had Dr. Giberson on to discuss his recently published book, Saving Darwin: How to be a Christian and believe in Evolution. And it's not so much what you did as much as what you didn't do.

Normally, when you have a guest on to discuss evolution, you have very specific lines of attack. One of your favorites, which I have discussed in the past, is to bring up the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. You'll spew out some long-winded question about either of the laws and then challenge your guest to refute your "logic."

But you didn't do this with Dr. Giberson. And I know why. You see, Bobbo, Dr. Giberson has a PhD in physics from Rice University. Had you attempted to ambush him with your bullshit ideas about physics, Dr. Giberson would have, simply put, kicked your stupid ass up and down the airwaves.

Oh, you put up the facade that you are the last intellectually honest person in the world. You have your conspiracies about academia and how they censor the truth and avoid real debate, all in an effort to deny Christ. But when it comes to you challenging an academic and true expert with your silly-assed notions, you don't have the balls to do so.

So let us be intellectually honest Bob. Why don't you admit to your cowardice and let everyone know exactly what you are.



TheManinBlack said...

All I can say is I'm in love with a man. His name is Jesus. Does that make me gay? Am I gay for Jesus?

djtyg said...

Man in Black,

only if it's sexual.;)

But onto the post...

Bob is a coward in that he never challenges experts with his rhetoric. He'll bring on an Athiest who may not know a lot about biological science so Bob can do his little dance, but a real scientist can knock Bob up and down the block.

realemon said...

Did you hear the other day, a caller thanked him for being so honest and non-bias in what he reports. I was so shocked I almost spoke in tongues! Even he had to interrupt her and say the truth. See what brain dead lemmings listen to this a-hole?

Anonymous said...

TheManInBlack: way to stay on topic! Next time, just say something completely inane, like "I like bacon." It would be just as relevant.

But it got me to thinking, maybe we start a thread for off-topic posts. For example, if someone feels the need to tell us how they love Jesus, to tell us we're going to hell, to quote scripture, to tell us how Bob Dutko is always right about everything, etc., they could just use that thread. That would keep the comments for the individual posts clear for people who, you know, want to discuss the topic at hand.

Kramer said...

"Bob is a special kind of fuggin idiot" that is all I could think to myself as I listened to his "debate" with Dr. Giberson. I don't even know where to begin. Bob just does not understand, and his total lack of education / knowledge in particularly history, and science was glaringly evident today. Dr. Giberson made some excellent points, but they flew right over top of Bob's head.
Bob if you find this blog allow me to offer you a word of advice, stick to arguing with other pseudo-intellectuals because brother you can't hold your own against a real academic.

dano said...

we need to really spell it out for all of our readers, neurolinguistics
and nlp. lets find a very simple, and accurate definition for this.

defining this simply for what it is will allow all the listeners to see it coming when bob uses this tool to twist and bend words and ideas.

most importantly, for the listeners to start to think and learn for themselves rather than use bob as a filter for good and evil.

IliveBcauseofJC said...

Hey dano,

"most importantly, for the listeners to start to think and learn for themselves rather than use bob as a filter for good and evil". I totally agree and this is an excellent point. However, while I certainly do NOT believe that Bob in any way is able to define/invent/make the truth, I think that Bob is often on the side of the truth.

IliveBcauseofJC said...

Hey Irl,

I didn't manage to catch the whole show when Bob had Dr. Giberson on. Was the purpose to debate whether or not evolution is scientifically accurate? In which case it seems that Bob would have brought the laws of thermodynamics into the discussion/debate as support. But from what you said, "You[Bob] had Dr. Giberson on to discuss his recently published book, Saving Darwin: How to be a Christian and believe in Evolution". It sounds like the purpose of having Dr. Giberson on Bob's show was to discuss "How to be a Christian and believe in Evolution" (or from Bob's view: how, very sadly, the theory of evolution hinders and has hindered many people from being Christians) rather than to debate whether or not the theory of evolution is or is not scientifically accurate. Is this correct (again, I didn't listen to this part of the show)? IF IT IS, then it seems like you shouldn't disregard scientific support that opposes the theory of evolution on the basis that Bob did not bring it up during the discussion, becuase the discussion was not supposed to be about evidence for or against the theory of evolution.

Irl Hudnutt said...


Bob has been unequivocal in asserting that to be a Christian is to completely reject evolution.

Bob has used his thermodynamic rhetoric on non-experts as a way of blindsiding them and controlling the conversation.

The subject of the discussion between Bob and Dr. Giberson was how a person can believe both in Christ and evolution. For Bob to avoid one of his standard attack routes is disingenuous, at best.

IliveBcauseofJC said...

Hey Irl,

"For Bob to avoid one of his standard attack routes is disingenuous, at best".
You could argue, based on this instance alone, that Bob was too chicken to argue with a highly ranked doctor. However, I do not think it is fair for you to say that Bob was being "disingenuous" by not bringing up the thermaldynamics argument because the debate was not supposed to be about supporting evidence or scientific debate.

P.S.-Sorry for the late response.

James said...

You all have no Idea what your talking about, Bob always challeneges anyone who will dare; even any of you idiots. The man has more knowledge in his pinky then you all have combined. Athiest and evolutionists are simply a joke. God created the heavens and the earth.

IliveBcauseofJC said...


"You all have no Idea what your talking about"
"...even any of you idiots"

Speak the truth *in love* brother!

However, I do agree that Bob is very willing to debate people on just about any issue; even if it's a doctor or specialist. And while Bob may not be as specialized as some of the people he debates, I think his arguments are still legitimate. There are many smart specialists with mutually exclusive or contradictory views. Therefore just having a degree does not necessarily mean that you are more connected with the truth as truth does not contradict itself. So I think that to conclude that if a specialist disagrees with Bob then Bob must be wrong is faulty reasoning.