Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Letter to Bob

Reader Audioguy64 recently sent a letter to Bob. That letter is copied below. Of course, Audioguy64 is patiently awaiting an answer.....


I heard you mention the existence of an exhibit of a giant human femur in the Kentucky creation museum. This seemed highly unlikely to me but since I have never been to that museum and I know that you have talked about going there before, I thought that I would give you the benefit of the doubt and do a little digging on the subject. Unfortunately, I found no mention of such an exhibit on the Kentucky museum's website, but I did find two other creation museums that boast of such an exhibit.

The first is Kent Hovind's Dinosaur Adventure Land in Florida and the other is Joe Taylor's Mt. Blanco Museum in Texas. The reason I found this interesting is because Kent Hovind's exhibit contains a "replica" of the giant femur that is on display at the Mt. Blanco Museum in Texas. In fact, Mr. Hovind can be seen on videotape stating this fact in Part 2 of his Creation Seminar Series available on his website. So there is no actual "bone" on display at his museum, which by itself is not uncommon in the museum business. The bigger problem is that Mr. Taylor's exhibit in the Mt. Blanco Museum is a "sculpture" that he created based on a description found in an anonymous article sent to him by someone named Jack Wagner in 1996. The statement regarding said article was reprinted on and reads:

From Joe Taylor

Mr. Jack Wagner sent me the following article in 1996 and asked me to sculpt a human femur the size of the one found in Turkey. As a guide for this model, I used the femur of one of the Malachite Man females.

What we know about this find is from a letter by the man who found it.

The article:

Dear Christian Friends, I was born and lived in the Middle East from 1938 to 1968. I was Ain-Tell and Euphrates water works Engineer and was very interested in archaeology and history and had some very interesting findings, some of which may sound unbelievable. I have brought with me a few silex arrow heads, etc., from the very battle-field where King Nebuchadnezzar and Pharo-Necho's armies fought. And what about the giants mentioned in Genesis? In south-east Turkey in the Euphrates Valley and in Homs and at Uran-Zohra, tombs of about four meters long once existed, but now roads and other construction work has destroyed the spots. At two places, when unearthed because of construction work, the leg bones were measured about 120 cms (47.24 inches). It sounds unbelievable. I have lived with my family at Ain-Tell for more than 14 years at the very spot where King Nebuchadnezzar had his headquarters after the battle of Charcamish, where I dug the graves of kings' officers and found their skeletons like sponge, and when you touch them they become like white ash, with spears and silex and obsidian tools and ammunition laying by.

So, what I did find out is that Mr. Taylor sells "replica" casts of a "sculpted" femur at his museum and website for $450 that comes with a "to-size drawing of a giant human skeleton from its toes to its wrists" and is apparently where Mr. Hovind obtained his "exhibit." In addition, this "sculpture" is based on bones from the Malachite find and as documented on Malachite man is also known as Moab Man and the Moab Man/Malachite Man bones represent a number of intrusive burials in the Dakota Sandstone. The bones evidently represent intentional or accidental entombments of native Americans in a mining environment. As reported by a number of conventional workers and even some creationist authors, the bones are largely unfossilized, of normal size and of essentially modern appearance, except for the greenish stain. Mr. Taylor's sculpture is not even based on written measurements of the supposed Middle East find which creates a whole host of problems in itself. But I'll ignore those for now. Not surprisingly, I cannot find any evidence of the existence of an actual "bone" giant human femur that can be viewed anywhere in the world or has been written about by an actual archaeologist in any type of scientific journal or even a lay magazine like Discover for that matter. So my question to you is, Does the creation museum in Kentucky have a "real" giant human femur or a copy of Mr. Taylor's sculpted femur? If it is a casted exhibit, do you have any credible documentation of the existence of the actual artifact that can be viewed anywhere in the world? If not, I must conclude that you have simply regurgitated more undocumented "creationist baloney" instead of citing actual documented hard evidence to support your belief in pre-flood giants.

Anxiously awaiting the evidence,


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