Monday, June 1, 2009

Kansas City Terrorism-It Gets Even Worse

We’ve been harping on Bob for years to stop giving air time to terrorists like Cheryl Sullenger and the rest of Operation Rescue for years now.

Turns out that Scott Roeder has a strong relationship with Cheryl Sullenger. When he was arrested, her phone number was found in his car.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that there was likely involvement on the part of Operation Rescue in the terrorist attack against Dr. Tiller. Operation Rescue supplied all the personal information needed to carry out the job. The only thing they didn't supply was a guy with a gun.

These are the people that Bob invites onto his show.


Anonymous said...

The next time Bob welcomes convicted felon Sullenger onto the show, perhaps he could ask her, "Why do you think Scott Toeder had your phone number on a piece of paper in his car as he fled from killing George Tiller?" Or perhaps, "How many times have you spoken to Scott Toeder and what were the topics of conversation?"

But, of course, those questions are what a logical and reasonable person would ask Sullenger. As we all know, Bob is neither logical nor reasonable.

It's also interesting to hear Sullenger's statement to this revelation: that she had not heard from Roeder recently. What the heck does recently mean? Does that mean she hasn't heard from him since he's been arrested? That she didn't hear from him since after he gunned down a man at his church?

Jon said...

Not sure I like this loaded word "terrorism" being applied here. Seems to me this is more of a Bob technique. When our opponents are violent they are terrorists. When we are violent, we're freedom fighters. Call this what it is. It's an execution, a murder, a violent act, etc.

djtyg said...

Jon, terrorism is considered to be the act of violence or threat of violence against a people or populace for religious, political, or other ideological reasons.

Killing Dr. Tiller falls into that category.