Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bob Dutko, The Pied Piper of Fucktardington!

Bobbo has the intellectual depth of a Hallmark card.  If you want simple, easily digestible bits of flotsam wrapped up in Christian colors, Bob is a good source for you.  I have to warn you though; A diet filled with Dutko flotsam will lead to intellectual malnourishment and starvation.

You see, Bobbo likes to claim that he's all about the "free exchange of ideas."  But if, and only if, the ideas being exchanged benefit Dutko Approved! idiocy.

Take a listen to this bit of nonsense:

Do you see what Bob did there?  If you don't pay close attention, it could easily slip by.

First, Bob claims that he's so open-minded that he thinks evolution should be taught in public schools.   But he would also like Ignorant-Design taught alongside evolution, because that's the "free exchange" of ideas!  Finally, if you don't encourage the teaching of Ignorant-Design, you are being a censor!

At this point, Bobbo throws himself on the ground and starts sobbing "Mommy!  Those mean lefties won't let me babble incoherently and spread lies!  They're mean poopyheads!  Make them stop!"

Here's the problem with Bobbo's little fantasy:  His idea of the "free exchange" of ideas is no such thing.  Bobbo is demanding that the non-scientific idea of Ignorant Design be taught along an actual scientific idea, Evolution.

The Union of Concerned Scientists have a lengthy explanation as to why Ignorant Design isn't science, with the greatest reason being that a scientific theory [nee Evolution] is supported by extensive research and repeated experimentation and observation in the natural world. Unlike a true scientific theory, the existence of an “intelligent” agent can not be tested, nor is it falsifiable.

So, to Bobbo, the "free exchange" of ideas is being able to attack a sure-fire scientific idea with made-up nonsense.  That's some Grade A horseshit!

But here's the thing that's really insidious:  Bobbo insults and demeans promoters of science with the slanderous term "censor."

Censorship is the suppression of speech, not the refusal to dilute actual science with superstitious bullshit.  Scientists have examined the arguments that ID creationists have offered (because they sure as hell don't offer actual science) and found them wanting.  Wanting in a coherent testable, scientific idea that makes ID even remotely plausible.  So it's completely understandable why scientists don't want to teach Ignorant Design in the schools!  ID isn't science!

And another thing:  If Bobbo wants to demonstrate how dedicated he is to the "free exchange" of ideas, he should advocate for allowing GLAAD into the schools to speak out against the bullying of gay students. But the day Bobbo advocates for gay activists in the public schools is the day ID creationists proffer a falsifiable scientific theory:  It's never going to happen.

So Bobbo should save the "free exchange" of ideas bullshit and just admit that he he's a petty little moron that spreads ignorance like the Pied Piper of Fucktardington.


Jim Lotus said...

Bob is a hypocrite. If he was truly for having ideas not be censored, then why won't he support the fairness doctrine?

Or better yet, have a liberal Atheist on his show who gets half his airtime uninterrupted.

But Bob won't do that because he only supports "alternative viewpoints" when they're HIS alternative viewpoints.

Irl Hudnutt said...


But the worst thing is that Bobbo sells himself as the fair, impartial judge of "fairness."

Leave "fairness" up to the shitbag and America will enter the 15th century. We'd be back to burning witches.