Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Did Bob Cheat On His Wife?

Do you ever wonder if Bobbo lives up to his own moral standard?

I do, so I decided to do a little investigation.  In my search I discovered this article about Bob.  It's an recollection of a guest on Bob's show and isn't favorable towards Bob.

But this article has two comments that piqued my interest.  The first:
You have a lot of great points about Bob Dutko.... I bet he never admitted one serious and very true fact about his life; he had an affair with my friend's wife! Yes that's right an affair about four years ago! I'm sure he never mentioned that on your show. Of course not! Yeah, he and his wife figured they could push it off like it's no big deal and just move on like nothing happened. They were so nieve that the church he was attending at the time revoked his membership. They have legal documents of the whole affair that I'm sure you could find if you some digging(hint the church is Rockpointe in Sterling Heights, MI). How did he get caught? Well, there's a tape recording of the affair.

The second:
Bob is a fraud. He had an affair with [REDACTED] a few years ago and covered it up.. Were you successfull Bob? How does it feel to have such a secret hidden no one else knows about except you and a handful of people? Does that make you a man? 
I know what you're thinking:  This is unfair!  This is just anonymous commentary on the Internet targeting Bob.  This is just rumor or innuendo.

You might be right.  But, because I'm an judicious, evenhanded guy, I decided to ask Bob if these rumors are true.  This is our on-air conversation:

Did you hear me ask my question?  No?  The reason is obvious:  Bob cut me off, refused to answer my questions and and accused me of using profanity.

Since you can't hear what happened, I'll tell you:  When Bob took my call, I  asked him if he ever had an affair with a woman breaking his marriage vows, a holy covenant.  A faint, shocked Dutko replied, "Nooooo," and hung up on me.

The question remains:  Did Bob Dutko cheat on his wife?

So I'm looking for answers.  In my search, I invite people to do two things:  First, call Bob on free-for-all Friday and ask him if he broke his marriage covenant.  Second, if you have first hand evidence proving that Bob is incapable of living up to the moral standards he espouses, share it with me.  I'm curious to see it and share it with the world. 

You can reach me at Irlhudnutt at gmail dotcom.


Matt said...

You have no reason to go after him for problems in his personal life. So what if he did cheat on his wife? It's really none of your business. Apparently they've moved on. Why don't you as well? If this were an ongoing problem, if he continued to live a life of adultery, then I'd say go after him with everything you've got. But that doesn't seem to be the case here.

Honestly, I don't blame him for not wanting to talk about it on the air (although I think he could have handled your call in a more honest and professional way). But there are so many other reasons to go after him; doesn't he give you enough ammo as it is? Why attack him for something that is in the past when he spews crap on his show every day?

Irl Hudnutt said...


I have every reason to go after him for problems in his personal life.

Every single day, Dutko takes his private opinion about the existence of God and promotes it as objective, verifiable truth.

Using his private opinion, he attacks anybody who disagrees with his opinion, despite mountains of evidence against him, in order to sell brake pads and legal services.

But if some truth about God is objectively verifiable, we should see evidence of it in Dutko's life! If his moral and intellectual standards are so fucking superior that they should be enacted as law, then Dutko's life should surpass the moral standards and intellectual rigor he promotes.

Every single day, Dutko attacks a woman's constitutionally protected right to choose. Every single day, Dutko attacks Muslims for hold differing opinions. Every day, Dutko attacks a liberal straw man, to argue that anybody with a liberal political opinion are inferior to the great Bob Dutko.

Tell me, how many time has Dutko attacked people beginning with the phrase "Let me remind you..." Once Dutko utters those magic words, he summons forth the imagined past sins of the person he's railing against.

If Dutko's morality and opinions are so fucking superior, he should be able to comfort himself in God's grace, man up and admit his sins. If he going to put people on trial in the court of public opinion, I'm going to do the same.

Don't like it? I don't give a shit.

Matt said...

Don't like him?


You're doing EXACTLY what Dutko does: skipping past the intellectual arguments and going right for personal attacks. Classy!

If there are "mountains of evidence against him" (and I agree that there are) use that to attack him. His adultery has nothing to do with you. Using that to attack him is tantamount to admiting that you're all out of intellectual ammo.

Go right ahead. Do your worst. But I guarantee that his followers will see it as nothing but proof of his oft-repeated claim that liberals prefer personal attacks to "logic and reason." It will only strengthen his following. mark my words.

(p.s. there's no reason to be rude to me, asshole.)

kappel said...

I would like to add that according to Leviticus 20:10, Bob and his adulteress must be put to death. You see, if you're going to promote a literal interpretation of the bible, than either its all true... or non of it is.

Jim Lotus said...

Easy, Irl. Matt's still on our side:).

Matt, I understand where you're coming from. However, Bob is always the first to make an ad-hominem attack whenever he sees fit. He uses the adultery of Bill Clinton both to attack the left and to provide cover for the right. Whenever a right-wing politician is mentioned as being unfaithful he'll say something like "Yeah, that's wrong, but let's just remember that Democrats..." and then go off into a rant about any Democrat that's cheated on their wife in the past 20 years.

He needs to be given a taste of his own medicine. And since he loves to use adultery to beat up and provide cover for politicians, then that's a good enough reason to call him out on his hypocrisy.

Jon said...

Matt, think strategically. Bob's doing a lot of damage out there. A lot of Christians will turn him off if they knew he had an affair. Not all. A lot would though. The fewer that listen to him the better.

Irl Hudnutt said...

Matt, I apologize for my rudeness.

However, If I'm doing "exactly what Dutko does," then what does that say about Bob?

This blog is filled with evidence, researched and explicated by numerous people. The ONLY response we've received from Dutko is a "Why do you hate me?" query.

And his devotees are no better. They just hoot and howl, screeching that I don't know what I'm talking about and that Dutko is so much smarter than me. The blind faith that Dutko's acolytes have in him is disturbing.

So I've been civil. I've been mocking. Now I'm going for mean.

I want to know if Dutko cheating on his wife matters to the Christians who adore him so. I could list all the Christian "leaders" who have stolen money, put their penises in people they're not married to, and been avaricious beyond reason, but that doesn't seem to matter to the faithful.

If Dutko is another typical example of Christian "morality" then that set of morals are severely lacking.

If Bob cheated on his wife, who will hold him accountable and what should his punishment be?

Jim Lotus said...

Bob has written you, Irl? You should post that!

Irl Hudnutt said...


Bobbo responded to this post.

This is part two.

This is part three.

I've been persona non grata to Bob ever since. He will not acknowledge that I exist.

In fact, WMUZ has a new policy that I can proudly take credit for: I've you call Bobbo's show on a free-for-all Friday with a blocked number, you're told that you won't be allowed on air.

I'm starting to feel ignored.

Jim Lotus said...

Ahhh. I thought it might be something more recent. Oh well.

Homeschooling Trio said...

Here is the reality of this subject...Sin is sin. There is no sin greater then another sin in God's eye. To say that there is, is to say God favors one sin over another. So did he sin? Yes, Bob Dutko is a sinner! You bet! Is his sin for an affair? Who cares...Sin is sin! He is a sinner, but here is a shocker for you, SO ARE YOU! Did he confess his sin to God (whatever that sin is, I bet he did)? But ultimately who cares? THAT IS BETWEEN BOB AND GOD. You are a sinner! Guaranteed! Did you confess your sins to God? I am praying so, but ultimately that is between you and God. Leave judgement to that Greatest Judge.

Irl Hudnutt said...


With all due respect, BULLSHIT.

First, in your claim that there is "no sin greater then another sin in God's eye" you are making god a monster. So god holds all sin is equivalent? Here is the logical conclusion to your claim: Genocide is no worse than stealing a pack of gum. Is all sin equals all sin, then there is no standard by which to judge any immoral act. I can kill 90 children in Norway, but in god's eyes, I'm just as horrible as the person who gives me an obscene gesture in traffic. That's horrible.

Second, if you have correctly summarized god's position, then I REJECT IT. If god is incapable of making distinctions between immoral acts, he's incompetent. My personal moral standards are more stringent then your god's.

Third, I find it insulting that you apply your own metaphysics to accuse me of being a "sinner." Your personal understanding of god is feeble, and to apply it to me is disrespectful. Peddle that bullshit somewhere else.

Finally, Dutko's infidelity is completely relevant. His daily wares include moral and intellectual superiority. If he is incapable of living up to his own standards, how trustworthy is he as salesman for legal services and brake pads?

If Dutko is a philanderer, then is he more or less trustworthy in your eyes? And do you apply this standard universally? Is David Vitter more or less trustworthy of being a U.S. Senator than Anthony Weiner is of being a Congressman? Or are you giving Dutko a pass because he's a Christian?

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Dahmer: Going to Heaven.

Anne Frank: Burning in Hell.

Awesome God!

scooter said...

I suspect it was Margo. He doesn't talk about her anymore.

rose said...

Bob should change the name of his show to defending the party. His loyalty is definitely to the Republican Party by any means necessary. Which I would be ok with on secular radio. Just think how many listeners might be saved or led to Christ if his passion for God was as strong as his passion for the party. I am afraid that Bob is blinded by the party and will explain away any sin that his party members may be accused of. I used to just turn when he can on because he was so offensive to me, but now it he that is offended. God is no respect of person.