Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bob Lies About Terrorism (More On SLC Mall Shooting)

During Bob's story on the Salt Lake City mall shooting, he said that "the overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks in the United States are caused by Muslims." This is a lie. In fact, I wrote an article about terrorist attacks that have been committed in the United States since 9/11 and found that the overwhelming majority were by non-religious groups, and that Christian-identity and Christian motivated anti-abortion terrorism were the majority of religion-fueled terrorist attacks. But the "liberal" media doesn't report these things because the attacks didn't have the consequences of 9/11. It's even been revealed that Bob has condoned such terrorism by having terrorists on his show.

Prior to 9/11, Islamic terrorism against America was limited to the USS Cole, three embassies (counting Beirut), and the first WTC bombing (if I'm missing any others, tell me in the comments). Christian-terrorism, however, had during the 90's numerous attacks by Eric Rudolph, the Army of God, and racist Christian identity terrorists.

But Bob has set a trap for himself. If the SLC shooting was a Islamic terrorist attack (and to be one, it must be politically or ideologically motivated) then it means that the war in Iraq is a waste, despite all the rhetoric about "fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here." If the SLC shootings was committed by a Muslim, then liberals are correct in arguing that there is nothing stopping terrorists from coming over here to create terror.

But if it wasn't a Islamic-motivated terrorist attack, Bob is just being a bigot for assuming so without further information.

*For the record, this isn't a post accusing all Christians of being terrorists. This is a post condemning Bob's bigotry by accusing most Muslims of being terrorists. In both religions, terrorist groups are an extreme minority. And just as many Muslims don't consider Al Queda to be a real Islamic group, I don't consider the Army of God or other groups like it to be filled with real Christians, either.

If Bob were a real Christian, he'd remember how it felt during the 1990's to be lumped into the Army of God types that blow up abortion clinics. As a Christian I was accused of such things, and I hated it. I remember that when talking about Islamic terrorism. It would be nice if Bob did as well.


Irl Hudnutt said...

Right on, djtyg.

Bob and his ilk have been pointing and screaming "terrorist" since 9/11 without actually defining the term.

By using such amorphous language, Bob can assert that any violent act is an act of "terrorism" committed by a "terrorist."

In Bob's brain it works like this: Disturbed man goes into mall and shoots people. This is an act of terrorism. Disturbed man happened to be a Muslim. Therefore, all Muslims are terrorists.

This is the fallacy of composition.

Its only effect is to make Bob look like a bigot.

Rev. Don Spitz said...

Of course you hated it. You love your reputation much more than you care about babies being murdered in abortion mills. You are quite willing to let babies die and attack those who save their lives as long as you keep your good name.
I think it is clear who the fake Christian is here.

djtyg said...

Wow, guys! Our first honest-to-gosh troll post and it's from a terrorist! I feel flattered!

"Reverend" Don Spitz is a member of Army of God and he felt like stopping by. He must have a google alert set to Army of God, as he's from Virginia and probably doesn't listen to Bob.

Thank you, Spitz, for helping to prove my point that domestic terrorism is still alive and well in America. And remember that the phrase "Do not murder" applies to the new covenant as well.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations DJ for attracting such a "high profile" troll! It's kind of like a baptism for the blog!