Monday, February 5, 2007

Bob Talks About Sex

If you listen to Bob long enough, you discover that Bob believes he holds the measuring stick for all human actions and gets to determine what responsible human behavior is.

I heard this today when Bob ranted about Governor Rick Perry issuing an executive order mandating the HPV vaccine be administered for all young women in Texas.

After railing against Merck for influencing the Governor in reaching this decision, Bob claimed that the giving out the HPV vaccine was the exact same thing as distributing condoms and permitting abortion. For Bobbo, all of them undermine the God's mandated responsibility for sexual behavior and takes away parental responsibility in teaching their kids about sex.

But there are facts that Bob doesn't concern himself. He ignores these facts because it's easier to be self-righteous.

First of all, nearly three in four Americans between the ages of 15 and 49 have been infected with genital HPV at some point in their life. Second, vaccination programs are far less expensive and easier to implement than cancer screening programs. Finally, Texas has the second highest number of women with cervical cancer in the nation.

With an even cursory understanding of these facts, you can see that Governor Perry made a decision that improves the health and well being for the women of Texas. And if you actually read the executive order, you can see that the goal is exactly that.

But that doesn't matter to Bob. He thinks that giving the parents the right to opt out of the vaccine isn't enough. Bob thinks that giving kids a vaccine is the same teaching kids about condoms: It all leads to promiscuity.

Quite the leap in logic, isn't it? Using Bob's logic, if we teach kids about history, it might cause children to doubt the historicity of the Bible. If we teach critical thinking skills, it might lead children to (Oh no!) agnosticism or atheism. And if we teach children science, it might lead children to understand that the Bible isn't literal.

So instead of supporting a public policy that would save lives, Bob would prefer to risk lives. And instead of teaching kids to be responsible and convince them to make good choices, Bob would rather keep them ignorant.

That's just irresponsible.


Lumberjack said...

Texas has the second highest rate of HPV? Humm, I thought all them Bible Thumpers were taught to keep their trunks up. Well, when no one is looking, the must slip a bit. Texas -- that's where the state Republican platform says ours is a Christian nation or some such words. Thanks for the link to the Dallas Morning News. Email me at treetoad27(at)aol

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Bob railed against Merck. After all, Merck, and the rest of the pharmaceutical industry, are among the Republican's biggest enablers!

djtyg said...

It goes to show how sick Bob is. It doesn't matter if women get cancer, just so long as they keep their pants on.

So much for being pro-life!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bob in some ways. I think that the vaccine is great, but I think it should be up to the parent as to have there daughters vaccinated. And if people want to have sex and expose themselves to any sexually transmitted dieseas then they need to deal with the consicusas. Including, death and cancer.