Monday, February 5, 2007

"It's one global warming degree outside!"

Today, Bob announced that "[i]t's one global warming degree outside!" This is the kind of insightful analysis you can expect from Mr. Bob Dutko.

Obviously, Bob was taking a little jab at global warming, something he's done before.

But know that this is a logical fallacy. This one is known as a faulty generalization, or inductive fallacy. Bob is, for some reason, trying to take today's below normal temperature in Metro Detroit as evidence that there is not an observed increase in average temperatures of Earth's atmosphere and oceans.

This would be like me saying that since Bob made an error in fact and logic once before, his facts and logic are always false. Well... maybe that's a bad example....

BTW, at no time during Bob's broadcast today (Noon to 4 P.M.) was the temperature at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport below eight degrees, and last time I checked, one was less than eight. Maybe Bob was getting confused with the wind chill index. Or maybe I give Bob too much credit.

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