Saturday, February 24, 2007

The News Bob Doesn't Report

Bob seems to take great pride in reporting what he calls "news." However, these news items are typically nothing more than attacks on Democrats, rants about alleged Christian persecution, tirades against strawmen liberals, and general complaining about the ACLU.

What doesn't get covered are any real news items that tend place the Bush Administration or any Republican in a negative light. Here are some news items that, as far as I can tell, Bob didn't report on. Of course, I don't have the time or stomach to listen to every minute of Bob's show every day. So, if I list something that Bob actually did report, please let me know...
  • The Washington Post presented a depressing series concerning the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Of course, Walter Reed is the responsibility of the Bush Administration (psst... they're Republicans) who constantly claim to "support the troops".
  • More people died in Iraq this week. Bob rarely (if ever) mentions the death and casualty toll in Iraq, both to our troops and the local population.
  • The Scooter Libby trial entered the jury deliberations phase this week. Scooter (a Republican) is charged with perjury for lying to a grand jury to protect the Bush Administration (they're Republicans). I've never heard Bob talk about the trial or the charges against Mr. Libby. Doesn't Bob care?
  • Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter (a Republican) recently named Dr. Henry Jordan as his campaign co-chair. Dr. Jordan was once a member of the South Carolina Board of Education. During a board meeting, when discussing the rights of religious minorities, Dr. Jordan stated, "[s]crew the Buddhists and kill the Muslims. And put that in the minutes.” Given that Bob managed to discuss the statements of some bloggers hired by John Edwards (a Democrat) , I can only assume that he'll also discuss the message of hate given by Dr. Jordan.
What other news items have you noticed that Bob has missed, omitted, or tried to spin in a light most favorable to Republicans?


djtyg said...

Bob would vote for a guy who has a manager that says kill the Muslims.

To Bob, it's never discrimination if it's against Christians.

djtyg said...

My bad. I meant to say: If it's NOT against Christians, and of course even then it only counts if they're conservative.