Friday, February 23, 2007

It's Official: Bob Dutko Supports Terrorism!

Last month, Jeff wrote an article about an interview Bob gave to anti-abortion terrorist Cheryl Sullenger. Cheryl Sullenger was convicted in 1987 of conspiring to blow up an abortion clinic.

Cheryl Sullenger works for Operation Rescue, which has recently started a grassroots version of The Nuremberg Files in which letters containing the names, addresses, and phone numbers of abortion doctors are sent to their neighbors in the hopes that abortion doctors will be harrassed.

Even before it was posted on this blog, Jeff personally wrote Bob Dutko to let him know he is letting a terrorist on his show. And we had hoped that with the January 26th post, Bob would denounce such terrorists and wash his hands of him.

But after going through the notes for Bob's show (click the link, then click on Bob Dutko), I noticed that his notes for Monday, February 12th stated the following:
Bob spoke with Cheryl Sullinger (Outreach & Media Coordinator for “Operation

That means that just 17 DAYS after it was made public that Bob is allowing terrorists to be interviewed on his show, he did it again! I only wish that one of us had actually caught the interview at the time it happened. This is low, even for Bob!

Bob has lost all credibility when he speaks about terrorism. He is aiding and abetting the terrorists and he should be shut off the air for it. The next time he complains about terrorism, just remember that he allows terrorists to speak on his own show.

UPDATE: Bob actually deleted all of his show notes before Feb. 13th! It looks like he reads the blog after all! That cheeky bastard! Next time I'll make it a point to save the image and load it on here. For now, it looks like Bob won this round.

Of course the irony is that if Bob had simply done the Christian thing, he would've apologized to his listeners, made a point to discredit all anti-abortion terrorists, and never let Sullenger on his show again. But instead he decided to hide all evidence of wrongdoing. Good work, Bobbo!

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