Saturday, March 24, 2007

Black Preachers

On Friday, Bob spent some time talking about the "problem" with Black preachers.

Bob thinks that Black preachers are not teaching their flock that the only path to salvation is belief in Jesus Christ. Bob claims that Black preachers are teaching that good works were sufficient to gain entrance to Heaven. Bob analogized black preachers to a bad doctor who recommends you eat Twinkies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As "evidence" Bob referenced Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al., because they are Black preachers. And Democrats.

But how does Bob know what Black preachers are teaching their flocks? When was the last time that Bob sat through a service by one of Detroit's prominent Black preachers? Has Bob ever attended a service by Pastor Marvin L. Winans of Perfecting Church, Pastor Jim Holley of Historic Little Rock Baptist Church, or Dr. H. Michael Lemmons of Ebeneezer A.M.E. Church?

If I was running a radio talk show and decided to badmouth Black preachers, I would educate myself.

But that's one of the many differences between me and Bob.


Irl Hudnutt said...


Bob is good at telling other Christians, particularly African-American Christians, where he thinks they fail.

Last time I checked, Bob wasn't the standard by which all Christians should be judged. I know that Bob would argue that the Bible is the standard, not him.

But it's still Bob interpreting the Bible in a way to condemn others.

And it's strange how Bob only seems to condemn those Christians who are political opposites of himself.

Do you think that Bob would ever criticize Catholics for teaching that good works are necessary for entrance into heaven?

Of course not. The Catholic Church is the single largest denomination in the country.

Bob won't pick a fight with the Catholics.

djtyg said...

I attend a black church. I'm the "token white guy" there. I've never heard the preacher of my church ever say that salvation comes from works. What they do say is that works is the evidence of your faith, an idea that is both Biblical (book of James), and of the majority of churches on the planet.

It's the works that Bob disapproves of, including helping the poor, fighting for racial equality (black liberation theology), and social justice. Bob hates these ideas. He also hates that black churches are one of the biggest Christian groups in America that refuses to put Bush on the cross.