Friday, March 16, 2007

Bob is the Bottom of the Barrel

I've listened to WMUZ since the days of Al Kresta. Kresta was always an intelligent interviewer, respectful of his guests and callers.

I listened to WMUZ when Kresta left for Catholic radio and was replaced by Mark Gilman. I thought Gilman was a little less talented than Kresta, but at least he had enough decency to be respectful to those he disagreed with.

But then Gilman stepped down, Bobbo took over, and respect went out the window.

I know that Bobbo has no respect for anyone with whom he disagrees because of yesterday's show.

Yesterday, Bob was upset because Democrat Pete Stark declared himself an atheist. Bob got all huffy and indignant. But instead of making an argument to support his theism, Bob just said that he looks at the universe and finds God. And because atheists aren't capable of this exact same act, they must be "stupid."

So anybody who doesn't believe in God is stupid?

Was Richard Feynman, the 1965 Nobel Prize winner for his work in quantum electrodynamics stupid?

Was David Hume, the philosopher who articulated the problem of induction stupid?

Was Thomas Edison, famous inventor and creator of the electric light bulb stupid?

What about Marie Curie? Or Kurt Vonnegut? Or Bertrand Russell?

Are they all stupid, Bob?

I could continue, but you see my point. It has something to do with pots, kettles, and the color black.

Sure, I could easily end this post by calling Bob stupid. But that would be too obvious.

Instead, I want to ask a couple of questions: Why didn't WMUZ hire a talk show host that understands that being a decent Christian includes being respectful?

Why did WMUZ have to hire such a narrow little bigot?


Lumberjack said...

I, too, was a fan of Al Kresta and was deeply disappointed with his current replacement.

His slam on Pete Stark was a Dutko classic. Congressman Stark has an engineering degree from MIT and a MBA from UC Berkeley.

Bob, you will notice, harbors contempt and hostility for anyone who a)does not agree with him up and down the line and b) has a college degree or (horrors) an advanced degree or (worse yet) a Ph.D. Bob eagerly claims a 160 IQ but never sat in one college class in his life and occasionally it shows far more prominently than he can ever understand. Example: He does not know the difference between deductive and inductive logic and is almost proud of being unbothered by such mindless detail. Keep an ear open, too, for his repeated, thundering gramatical blunders.

Bob's favorite stunt is to play the "fair and balanced" game with a dissenting and educated guest and once they are off the line, he really let's 'em have it when they cannot respond.

Al would never have done that.

djtyg said...

To Bob, only conservatism matters. Everything else is just a means to an end. Which means he can completely justify himself in lies and bigotry.

Great post, Irl.

Anonymous said...

Bob reiterated his comment on Friday that atheists were "stupid" and that he would never vote for an atheist.

What's interesting is that Bob has said, on the show, that he has friends that are atheists. My question then, is why does Bob have friends who he thinks are "stupid"? And more importantly, why would Bob's atheist friends stay friends with Bob, knowing that he thinks the they're stupid?

djtyg said...

Bob also wouldn't vote for anyone with a D next to their name, regardless of what or who they believe in.

Jesus himself could run on the Democratic ticket and Bob would vote against him.

Lumberjack said...

I’d like to post Bob’s exact words as he described Congressman Pete Stark, D, California, on the afternoon of March 15.

Congressman Stark had recently explained he did not believe in a supreme being and Bob felt this deserved comment.

This from Bob: The reason that I would NEVER vote for an atheist for public office is not that they are not a Christian ….. I could see myself voting for someone who is not a Christian if their politics were right in line what I believe ….. I could see myself voting for a person who is not a Christian, I could. But to vote for someone who is an ATHIEST?

My problem there is not their theology. My problem there is their intellect. I’m serious.

It seems to me if you actually believe that everything in the universe just whoosh! Came into existence on it’s own from nothing – no cause – it popped into existence. Ha ha, then all the complexity and design that we see around us ….. all that kind of developed -- on its own. Anyone who really believes that – I’m sorry I just don’t think they are very bright, I don’t.

djtyg said...

Nicely done, Lumberjack. Proof that Bob considers conservative policy his real god.

This could be the beginning of something new, though. In which the psuedo-Christian right is just an exploitation of faith for conservative politics is openly admitted by the leaders of the movement. Such an admission may be necessary to get another Republican in the White House, but it could also lead to their downfall at the same time.

And Bob's a liar anyway. He'd vote Ayn Rand into office if she were still alive.