Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bob Wants America To Waste Tax Dollars To Make Non-Christians Act Christian

On the show The Boondocks, the Huey Freeman character started a riot by getting on a stage and telling rich white Republicans “Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan is the devil, and the Government is lying about 9/11.” A memorable moment was when one woman got up with a look of horror on her face and screamed: “NO! IT CAN’T BE TRUE!”

Well, when Bob was talking about the study that shows that abstinence only education doesn’t work, he became that woman.

Despite the facts showing that abstinence only education is a waste of time, Bob was skeptical even though he admitted he had no evidence to back up his skepticism. Then he claimed that America should still spend money on abstinence programs to “set an example."

So Bob thinks we should be tossing money sending kids an ineffective message and lie to children to scare them into acting Christian. Last I checked, the Bible doesn’t consider that an acting like a Christian is effective method of living your life. The Bible requires that you become a Christian before you start to act like one.

Absent of any other talking points, he asked for people to call in and supply more. (I guess he didn’t get his daily fax of talking points from the Club for Growth.)

One female caller made a lot of sense. She advocated for abstinence-plus education, emphasizing abstinence and also teaching the properly use of birth control. (I took a similar class it in high school and can testify to its effectiveness.)

Bob responded by saying that such a program would be like telling kids “Don’t do drugs, but if you do, use a clean needle.” The woman disagreed, saying “I don’t compare having sex with doing drugs." Bob then claimed that teaching sex education was exactly the same as teaching drug use.

That’s right! Bob thinks that having sex is the same as doing drugs! The tried and true method of human survival, whom 99.999% of Christians believe was created by God is the same thing as shooting heroin!

Is Bob certifiable?

I wonder what Bob is smoking.


John the Apostate said...

Does this mean that one would have to be stoned out of one's head to have sex with Bob? Doesn't he have about 6-7 kids? I wonder if the wackyweed smoke has cleared out of the house yet.
What is it with sex? How does the Bible go from "be fruitful and multiply" in Genesis to Paul's admonition that its best to be celibate but if you're not strong enough against dem nasty pelvic tinglings you best be married?

John the Apostate said...

PS to my original comment. where in Gensis is the wedding story of Adam and Eve?