Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Holiday That Neither Google Nor Bob Will Celebrate

Bob likes to talk about all the holidays that Google allegedly doesn't celebrate, due to its "liberal bias."

However, today is a holiday that Bob won't speak about, and even Google isn't recognizing.

Today is Worker Memorial Day. This is the little known worldwide holiday in which unions and union supporters remember those who died or were injured due to unsafe conditions in the workplace.

Bob won't speak about this holiday because it would mean he would have to call Bush out on his very unchristian behavior towards American workers.

If Google is as liberal as Bob claims, they'd have known about this holiday and have it up on their website. Alas, they don't.

Despite Bob being a conservative Republican, I haven't heard him speak against the unions very much. That's probably a smart move on his part because there's good odds that a lot of his Southeastern Michigan listeners are UAW or SEIU affiliated. But keep in mind he wants you to vote for conservative politicians that are strongly anti-union and continually degrade the American working man.

Happy holidays, guys. Remember to mourn for the dead, and fight like hell for the living!


Anonymous said...

As readers to the blog will have observed, I've been completely fascinated by Bob's anti-Google campaign. He even went so far last week as to have someone on the show who is currently suing Google over their page ranking. I can't possible fathom what drives Bob's anti-Google rhetoric.

John the Apostate said...

Speaking of holidays, considering that Bob is a source of amusement (and aggravation) for readers of this blog ,in fairness, I propose a Bob Dutko Appreciation Day. The day's events would start off with the traditional banging of one's head against a wall since Bob's arguments makes one want to do that. Then everbody would get a lump of modeling clay and twist it into strange shapes to represent Bob's convoluted "logical" arguments. Then there would be the bizare leap of logic jumping event. After that there would be the "pick a Left Wing Boogey Man " event where some one ( or thing such as Google) would be selected and then for the rest of day everyone would tell scary tales around the campfire ( even though there is no actual basis for it- a collary to this would be a side event to see who can fabricate the best "evidence " for the Dutko Jihad of the week.) The day would end with the traditional tear apart the strawman contest. My suggestion for Bob Dutko Appreciation Day-why April 1 seems a perfect fit. Of course we missed it this year but can start planning for next year. I'll volunteer to bring the potato salad.