Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A "Dangerous" Precedent?

So the Congress sends the Preznit a bill that would continue to fund the Iraq war. This bill gives the Preznit 120 billion dollars to continue this futile war on terra. This bill, however, contains a provision that calls for withdrawal of most US combat forces from Iraq beginning no later than October 1, 2007, with a non-binding goal for completing the pullout by April 1, 2008.

Bob calls this a "dangerous precedent."

According to Bobbo, this is a "dangerous" because those arrogant, un-American Democrats are deciding how the Preznit gets to the the Commander-In-Chief and it tells the terrarists that Bush isn't supported by Congress, making him look weak.

Oh, boo-f'n-hoo.

Just because Bobbo doesn't like debate doesn't mean the Democrats are "dictating" how the Preznit exercises authority. The Congress is just doing what Congress is mandated to do. The Preznit requests emergency spending. Congress then debates the request, writes legislation, and sends it for signature. If the Preznit doesn't like the bill, he can veto it. Which is exactly what he said he going to do.

I guess Bobbo doesn't like Congressional debate because he hates America.

By the way, don't buy the argument that Democrats are endangering the troops by delaying funding. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, the Army has enough bookkeeping flexibility to pay for operations in Iraq well into July. Lawmakers and Capitol Hill staff aides view mid- to late May as the deadline for completing the war spending bill to avoid hardships. So when you hear a Republican claim that Democrats are causing the war to drag out because of this bill you know they're lying.

And have you noticed Bob is really concerned with what the terrarists think? He is always prattling on about how the terrarists are watching the news and finding hope when people dissent. But I've covered this idiotic claim before.

The terrarists aren't sitting around watching the news. (Well, they are watching O'Reilly. O'Reilly has a huge Q score with fundamentalist nutjobs.)

So, if you think about it, the only "dangerous precedent" is allowing that screeching dimwit Dutko a live microphone and 50,000 watts.


djtyg said...

Keep in mind all the posts we have showing Bob's love of domestic terrorists, along with his bashing of Iraq vets (i.e., me) and the military, as well as bashing America.

Bob is an America hating, troop bashing, terrorist lover and we got the stats to back it up.

Good post, Irl.

John the Apostate said...

I believe I heard Bob saying that the current Democratic Congress is "unprecedented" in its interference with Bush as being Commander In Chief. Well if my reading about the history of the American Civil War is correct, I believe the Congress was riding Lincoln's ass about the conduct of the war holding hearings and so forth. And I do believe that the Continental Congress wrote letters to George Washington asking how the Revolution was going. Isn't the Congress a co-equal branch of government and is supposed to be a check against excesses of the executive branch ( as is the third branch, the Supreme Court supposed to be a balance against its fellow branches.) The majority of polls show that the majority of us want out, Iraqis say they want us out. I don't buy into the idea that if we leave the terrorists will come here. I've got some news for Bush-the terrorists have already been here -twice- ( the 1995 and 9/11 attack on the WTC). We need to use our resources wisely in protecting our nation and not on some Crusade to create a Pax United States throughout the world. I do have a nagging problem in that we brought this mess on the Iraqi people and should have soon responsibilty to try to correct Bush's fiasco.