Monday, April 23, 2007

Poor Bob

Poor, poor Bob Dutko. His Christian persecution complex was in high gear again today. Apparently, the Free Press isn't reporting the type and quantity of news that he'd like to see. I'm thinking there won't be a tip for his paperboy this week!

You see, Bob, for some reason, took offense to the fact that the Free Press had quite a bit of Earth Day coverage. Since Bob believes that humans can't possible destroy the Earth, why bother with all this environmentalist nonsense?!

But what really got Bob incensed was the fact that the Free Press didn't spend an equal amount of time covering Easter then they did with Earth Day.

What exactly did Bob expect the Free Press to do? What kind of guidance could they have provided on this important issue of Easter?! "Christians go to Church Today; Even the one's who don't go every week"? "2000 years later, Christ Still Risen"? "Chocolate Sales Down; Fuzzy Bunny Sales Up"?

Well, even though the local media didn't cover Easter to Bob's expectations, I'm sure Bob's favorite news sources covered Easter to his expectations. For example, I'm sure WorldNetDaily covered this important Easter issue with dozens of important news articles. Well, actually, WND only had two articles posted on Easter, and neither were about Easter. Perhaps Bob pointed out this omission to WND founder, Joseph "Mustache" Farah, when he was on the show last week. He didn't? Oh well... another opportunity squandered.


John the Apostate said...

Hey there's lots of things the Free Press could have written about: How about Top Ten Tips on how to roll away large stones blocking your grave ( could come in handy when Judgement Day Comes ). An analysis on which Resurrection story is the correct one. Since they all contradict each other who got it right? Maybe have a readers' poll to decide. A story on things to do and see when you are reanimated . Tricks you play on your disciples who thought you were dead. Fashion tips for the newly alive. Just some suggestions.
PS great site. I just love hearing the air coming out when Bob's sanctimonius ego is deflated

John the Apostate said...

Something I forgot to mentioned on my original post. Bob considers the earth to be no more that 6,000 years old so as far as he is concerned the warranty is still good.

djtyg said...

Easy, John. Some of us Bob haters are Christians, too:).

Welcome to the blog, btw.

djtyg said...

Freakin' sweet post, Jeff. I love how Bob attacks the one newspaper in the greater Detroit area that doesn't have a conservative bias and ignores those that do.

John the Apostate said...

Hey djtyg

Sorry if I offended. Listening to Bob rant on almost a daily basis that liberal secular humanists ( aka me ) are the cause of everything unholy ( come to think about it, was the serpent in the Garden a Democrat? ) might cause one to lose one's tolerance for other opinions.

Got to go. Me and some other fellows from the ACLU are going out to kick puppies.