Monday, April 30, 2007

It's Always About the Muslims

On last Friday's "News Hour" Bob finally got around to "reporting" about this act of Christian Terrorism. Typically, Bob used the act to justify the racial profiling of Muslims.

Bob started by weakly denouncing the act. He said that Christians shouldn't commit these types of acts.

Following his weak little condemnation, Bob took issue with the reporting. Bob complained that the news reports were biased because they called the facility a "Woman's Clinic." You see, Bob felt it should be called an "abortion mill" because "that's what they really do." I guess Bob didn't bother to check out their website. The media called it a Woman's Health Center because that's the name of the facility and they provide "comprehensive, high-quality health care with an emphasis on education and individualized support."

(By the way, the next time Bob calls someone an "abortion doctor," you should wonder out loud how many lives these gynecologists saved by diagnosing ovarian cancer, HPV, or an ectopic pregnancies. Bob won't ask that question because his eyes are filled with blastocysts.)

After blaming the media, Bob announced that the FBI should search for the guilty party by profiling. Should the profile reveal that the perpetrator is a red-haired man with a beard, all red-haired men should be profiled. And what do you know! Bob has red hair and a beard! So if it is necessary, Bob is more than willing to be profiled because he has nothing to hide.

Since Bob is willing to be profiled, all Muslims should be willing to be profiled. Not only should Muslims be willing to be profiled, they should accept profiling happily because this proves they are moderates and taking a stand against Islamic extremists.

And that's how Bob gets from an act of Christian terrorism to the justification of Muslim profiling. All done without the inconvenience of logic.

Can we please change the tag line of Bob's show from "News from a Christian Perspective" to "News from a Moronic Perspective?"


John the Apostate said...

I've read this post several times and my comment: " What the hell is he talking about?" My head is shaking faster than the Fembots in the scene in Austin Powers International Man of Mystery ( and the outcome will be the same-head exploding.) Bob is saying that the FBI should start the investigation by profiling. Okay, profiling is used to aid investigators and is based on past criminal cases ( but is not foolproof and can lead investigators down the wrong path.) Is Bob saying that everybody who fits a profile should be investigated ? Even somebody who lives 500 miles from the crime scene at the time the crime occurred? Boy that's a good use of the investigator's time. Imagine the following dialogue: "Hey, Lieutenant, I found a wallet over here with a driver's license in it The perp must have dropped it". "The hell with that Jones. Bob the Profiler says it was done by a one armed man who likes Swanson frozen dinners " Here's a list of people who match this profile. Get on a plane to Timbuktu and investigate this guy") I guess this is one of those many moments that you have to had heard this for yourself instead of second hand. Another Bob classic.

Anonymous said...

Irl said: "Can we please change the tag line of Bob's show from 'News from a Christian Perspective' to 'News from a Moronic Perspective?'"

Bob gives a bad name to the vast majority of Christians who are thoughtful, rational people by trying to imply that what he reports as news is done from a "Christian" perspective.

Irl Hudnutt said...


I heard Bob make the argument and I'm surprised my head didn't explode.

What Bob doesn't understand is that if the FBI is going to profile, they are going to profile all Christian males who ever protested at a women's clinic.

The net would have to be so wide that many non-violent Christians would be caught in it and treated as supects.

I'd guarantee that Bobbo would be howling loudly at that prospect.

Irl Hudnutt said...


Exactly. I in no way want to disparage the vast number of decent, peace-loving Christians who abhor this violent act.

When Bob sells his show as coming from a "Christian" perspective, he really means HIS perspective.

Whether or not he's an actual Christian is debatable.

John said...

I have heard Bob question callers during Free for All Fridays about their Christianity because they believed in something other than what Bob believed in . I can remember one debate about whether faith alone ( Bob's position ) or faith and works ( the caller's position) was needed for salvation. The best instance was when a woman, who was Catholic (personal disclosure - my former religion) was so pissed off by Bob's attack on the Catholic Church's veneration ( not worship ) of Mary that she said she would never listen to Bob again. I wish I had a recording . Nice going Bob. Forget about Bob leading any Inter-faith dialogues. He can't even have Intra-faith dialogues without pissing the other side off.

djtyg said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Irl. Makes me wish Bob had podcasts so I can listen on my off time.

djtyg said...

Bob is a bad, bad man. That is all.