Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Anti-evolution Nonsense

Today, Bob had Geoffrey Simmons, M.D., on his show. Dr. Simmons is one of the many cranks from the Discovery Institute, pimping a new book of lies tailor made for Bob's less discriminating listeners.

But let's take a quick look a statement made by Dr. Simmons. At a speech in Oregon last year, Dr. Simmons said "many animals, such as giraffes and blue whales, have no fossils on record or any record of species from which they could have evolved."

I guess Dr. Simmons missed this giraffe fossil. And this giraffe fossil. And this giraffe fossil. Maybe Dr. Simmons missed this article about a whale fossil believed to be an ancestor to the blue whale. I'm pretty sure Dr. Simmons would not be convinced by this article about whale evolution.

After Dr. Simmons hung up, Bob claimed that people who believe in evolution are like people in a religion. Bob claimed these people reject the evidence, saying "I don't want to hear it, I don't want to hear it." But will Bob simply acknowledge the evidence shown above that directly contradicts his guest? I'm not going to hold my breath.

Once again, it is telling who Bob picks to have as guests. Instead of bringing a Professor of Biology in to talk about evolution, he brings on a medical doctor. Now, I have nothing against M.D.'s; when I have aches or pains, they're the people I go to first. But when it comes to biology, they have a rudimentary knowledge when compared to a Ph.D. who has intensively studied that subject.

C'mon, Bob. Why don't you call down to Wayne State or U of M and get a Ph.D. in biology to come on the show and debate your anti-evolution nonsense?

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