Tuesday, April 10, 2007

There's something wrong with Bob's story.

Today, Bob went through his “censorship” mantra in explaining why creation is not presented in science textbooks, claiming that all the evidence should be put on the table. Fine.

Since Bob is young earth creationist and fully convinced evidence supports his view, he should he eager to put the evidence on the table for all to fully examine. He should be able to present unfossilized dinosaur bones and polystrait fossils.

He should be able to demonstrate how the laws of physics show evolution to be impossible.

But the proper place to present evidence is in front of a recognized professional scientific societies.

But the young earth creationists don't present evidence to scientific societies. They simply write op-ed articles, publish books, stage debates, and whine noisily about being kept away from the scientific table.

Hell, the Discover Institute, even hired a PR firm to get it's message out.

This means that creationists haven't earned a seat at the table, they're the intellectual equivalent of a screaming four-year-old.

If their evidence is as convincing as they claim, creationist claims would have withstood the demands of exacting field work, presented experiments that could be replicated, held up to fatiguing peer review. They would be be able to display their findings with pride their findings before 700 hushed members of the numerous scientific societies.

Becuase that’s how science is done. Like it or not, creationists have to play by the rules of science to call the end result “science.”

Think about it this way: In order to play a professional game of golf, one must adhere to the rules of golf.

Suppose Bob claimed to be world’s greatest golfer. We’d say, “Really, Bob? Where are your PGA trophies?” Bob would say, “Oh well, PGA censors me! They won’t let me play in the tournaments, and make me count ALL my strokes. But take my word, I AM the greatest golfer.”

Sorry, Bob if you want to be recognized in a discipline you have to conform to the rules of the discipline. To complain about them is to admit, loudly, that you cannot conform to them.

Remember, Michael Behe admitted to the “Kitzmiller” court that the rules of science would have to be changed for ID to be considered “Science.” Changed so much that astrology would be science.

Bob complains so loudly about the overpowering mass of evidence that shouts “creationism!” yet no one, anywhere, hears it. Simply because there is something very wrong, terribly wrong, with Bob’s creation story.

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