Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bob Bashes Air America, Complains About Dishonesty, And Lies Himself.

Today, Bob complained that Air America's money problems were due to low ratings and the low ratings were because of dishonesty.

Of course, Bob failed to mention that Air America tends to have higher ratings than right-wing talk radio.

Bob didn't really discuss how Air America was being "dishonest," although he did complain about them calling Bush the most corrupt President ever. Bob claimed that Clinton was the most corrupt President ever, citing a website that said that said that 47 of people "associated with the Clintons" was proof that Bill Clinton was corrupt.

But Bob failed to mention that in all of these investigations, Clinton was either found not guilty or there was never enough evidence to indict him. Five members of his cabinet were investigated, none of which were found guilty.

Of course, Bob's was implying that a President is only wrong or corrupt when a person is investigated, regardless of whether or not they were actually guilty. Using that logic, committing murder would be acceptable in Bob's eyes so long as the person who did it was never investigated. And if an innocent person was investigated, not only did they do it, but their boss is guilty of it as well.

But in the end, this was just another of Bob's "but...but...but...Clinton!" covers for the Bush administration.

News flash Bob: It doesn't matter if Clinton did anything. It doesn't make it okay for Bush! It's not okay that Bush lied about WMDs to justify invading Iraq. It's not okay for Bush's cabinet to out a CIA operative. And if we're going by cabinet members who were investigated, charged, or indicted, then Bush still takes the top spot on the corruption scale. Donald Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby, Andrew Card, Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzalez, and Paul Wolfowitz were all either investigated, charged in international courts (Rumsfeld was charged for war crimes in Germany), or indicted. That makes 6 people. Bush is still on top. And if you count the whole freakin' justice department, that'll be enough to make him the most corrupt President for a good long time.

Bob complained that Air America needs to be more honest. Just before Bob started lying.

For the record, Bob's rant had nothing to do with "fearlessly defending the faith." That is unless, of course, Bob's spells god "G-O-P."


John the Apostate said...

On today's show (Thursday 5/24/07) Bob was livid about the recent ABC News story that the CIA was undertaking "nonviolent" covert actions against the Iranian government ( news flash: like the Bush administration trying to subvert the Iranian ayatollahs is a big surprise) calling ABC news traitors. As mentioned in the original post, I don't recall Bob in a similar state about the outing of Valerie Plame by the Vice President and his minions!!

Did you hear the segment Bob did about a USA Today news report of a study that compared the brain states of people who talk in tongues in "normal" state and when they talk in tongues. I haven't seen the actual story yet but the gist of it according to my listening to Bob is that the portion of the brain that is involved in speech showed a "decreased" activity level when the person was speaking in tongues as opposed to normal speech. The implication being that in the "tongue mode " ( my phrase ) the Holy Spirit was in control and the person was not fully using the speech center. This to Bob ( and the callers who chimed in when Bob opened the phone lines ) was scientific proof of the supernaturnal. Okay. To me it means that two different brain states occurred. The study claimed to see a decrease in activity in the brain area; to me, I would have been impressed if the study found no activity occurring in the speech centers yet the person was babbling away in ancient Sanskrit slang. It could just mean that less portion of the brain is needed in making unintelligible gibberish noise that in speaking a meaningful language.

Final thought: in listening to Bob I have noticed his snarky laugh when something isn't to his liking and his "sigh" when he talks about something that goes against his grain as to say, "what's wrong with these 1) liberals 2) evolutionists 3) gay agenda advocates 4) feminists 5) nonChristians 6) Christians unlike Bob.. (pick one). This annoyed me. Then I thought to make lemonade out of a BIG LEMON. I propose a party game that everytime Bob does either his snark or sigh you down a shot of something alcholic. You'll be feeling a buzz on in no time at all. As Bob says, " Respectfully that's my opinion. I could be wrong"

Anonymous said...

The drinking game is an excellent idea, except I'm not sure how my employer would react!

Anonymous said...

Bob should compare his own ratings to that of Air America before opening his mouth. The latest numbers show that WMUZ has a 0.8 share while WDTW had a 0.7 share. (The big boys had market shares in the 4s and 5s.)

Does this mean that Bob's lousy ratings were due to dishonesty, too?

John said...

I can understand your employer's concern about your being in the bag after a lunch hour listening to Bob and imbibing spirits ( the alcoholic kind, not the one's Bob promotes )based on the number of his smartass smirks and sighs. I myself am concerned about actually doing the drinking game since I know I will have total kidney failure in a few minutes. On top of Bob's other "qualities", his smarter than thou laugh and sighs have started to really grate on me.

djtyg said...

His laughs and sighs are a part of his use of linguistics. Bob is well trained in the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programing, a form of hypnosis that is often used in marketing. It's why you'll notice that he often changed the tone of his voice when he talks.