Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bob Demonizes Muslims

On Tuesday, Bob dedicated a significant portion of the program reacting to a recent poll of Muslims in the United States. The poll showed that while 80% of American Muslims believed that attacks on civilians was unjustified, 13% say that such attacks could be justified. Bob was absolutely incensed that such a large portion (13%) of the U.S. Muslim population could possibly agree with the killing of innocent civilians.

Of course, Bob's outrage, and the outrage of other far right-wind pundits, isn't really justified. Glenn Greenwald of Salon did some digging and found some very interesting data. Specifically, Greenwald located a poll from last December showing that 73% of all Americans believed that bombings and other attacks on civilians were unjustified, while 24% believed they were justified.

Obviously, Bob's outrage shouldn't be directed towards American Muslims, but Americans in general! If anything, American Muslims are more civilized than the general population!

Bob's demonization of Muslims on Tuesday wasn't an isolated incident. There's a reason that Bob has been referred to by one of his guests as "one of the biggest Islamophobes in Metro-Detroit."

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