Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bob Is Out Of Touch....With Evangelicals

Over the past few weeks, Bob has been angry at recently proposed changes to the hate crime law.

One of those proposed changes would make it illegal to harm somebody based on "the victims gender, sexual identity, or gender identity." Bob is not happy about this, of course, because if he had his way all gay people would be locked away in internment camps.

But a recent poll shows that Bob is not only out of touch with Americans as a whole, but the Christian community as well.

In the poll, Protestants support the new law 65%-30%, while Catholics support it 72%-23%.

Bob is not only out of touch with America, but with American Christians as well.

1 comment:

dan said...

bob is a political hack, a wannabe for the repubican conservative pac's and is building up his resume, probably, for that kind of career move. for sure, like karl rove, he knows better, but he chooses to wallow in taking advantage others and manipulating people through his use of language and ideas.

he is a gifted political stragegist in this day and age of soundbites for the mentally lazy among us.

i am bi. as much as he is out of touch with christians on the anti-bullying measures, he is also out of touch with the mainstream of thought as it relates to lgbt civil rights.