Friday, June 8, 2007

Why Blogging About Bob Has Gotten Difficult

Right now, as I listen, Bob is talking about embryonic stem cell research.


If he’s not talking about that, he’s complaining about the Democrats or liberals for something dumb, or bashing gay people. And if there’s a huge story involving some celebrity (such as Paris or Anna Nicole), he’ll jump on it like a “reporter” from Access Hollywood.

Bob’s show is Groundhog Day. There is nothing new. Just the same warmed over, debunked talking points. It’s not fun listening to him anymore.

However, I will Soldier on and do my duty. Let’s get to what he said about embryonic stem cell research.

Bob said he thinks that embryonic stem cell research should be supported by private dollars, despite the fact that he thinks that destroying the embryos is the equivalent of abortion (i.e. murder in his eyes).

So does this mean that Bob supports private funding for abortion clinics? After all, if Bob considers embryonic stem cell research to be on par with abortion, does he consider the murder of babies (sic) to be kosher if it’s done with private dollars? And if so, does he support the murder of people who are BORN if it’s done with private dollars? Does he support hit men?

If he doesn’t he’s a hypocrite. If he does, he’s just a sick person.


Aaron said...

Not to support Bob, but, knowing his perspective on this (having also heard it 19,000 times), probably he just meant that stem cell research shouldn't be mandatorily supported by public funding. I would guess that he would rather it weren't supported by any funding at all, but that since it's legal it should be funded privately.

djtyg said...

Good point. Since abortion is also legal, does this mean Bob supports it if the woman pays for it with her own "private" dollars?

He's a hypocrite if he doesn't.

dan said...

yesterday bob & crew went to a location outsisde the studio, one of there advertisers, bill brown ford. he was definately on better behavior. also they have a new law firm supporting 'muz, i havent heard much about the other firm at all. maybe the lawyers finally got wise over there and realised how badly dutko manipulates his flock of sheep of an audience. other than us, of course ;-)

chesterfield twp, mi