Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bob's "Reasoning" Insults Faith

Faith, according to chapter 11 of Hebrews, is "the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen." For Christians, faith allows one to "understand that the universe was ordered by the word of God," making the "visible [come] into being through the invisible."

But what does this mean?

To start with, it means that faith is not produced by the intellect. No matter how forcefully one exercises the mind, faith will not germinate as a result. Faith is "the act of the intellect assenting to a Divine truth owing to the movement of the will, which is itself moved by the grace of God." Faith, stated plainly, is a divine gift. When God moves human will, faith is produced.

Consequently, since faith is the divine gift of God acting upon the will, it stands that faith is the evidence for the existence of God, not a product of arguments for the existence of God.

With this in hand, I want to ask a question: Does Bob Dutko have any faith at all? I don't think he does.

First of all, Bob constantly claims that Christianity is the most "reasonable" of all religions. To support his proposition, Bob points to the Bible. Bob uses the claims Christ made about his own Divine nature, the various miracles performed by Christ, and the 500 witnesses who attested to witnessing the resurrected Christ as historical proof of Christ's identity. Using the Bible, Bob reaches the logical conclusion that his faith is the most "reasonable."

But if Bob had faith, why would he need to prove anything? Remember, faith is a product of God's action upon human will. If he had faith, he could simply rest upon his faith and need not prove anything.

But Bob is even worse than this! He suborns science to "prove" his faith.

I've already covered how Bob distorts the First Law of Thermodynamics, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and the Fact of Evolution. Bob even makes wild-eyed claims about dinosaurs living on Noah's Ark! All of this in an attempt to prove his faith is the product of "reason!"

But faith isn't the product of reason! Faith is gift from God that makes us leap into action, no matter what the evidence shows! In the face of true faith, science and argument must stand mute.

Do you want to see truth faith? Look to Mother Theresa. It's faith that led her to care for the sick and dying of Calcutta. It's faith that led Dorothy Day to campaign for the poor, forsaken, hungry, and homeless. It's faith that led Martin Luther King Jr. to become a political activist and head the Civil Rights Movement.

Is there anything that Bob does that reflects a person moved by faith? Not to me. All I hear Bob do is blame liberals for all social ills, attack Islam, and claim that he can browbeat anybody who doesn't agree with him.

By insisting that his faith is "reasonable," Bob insults God by arguing His Divine gift isn't enough.

How very sad.

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djtyg said...

A lot of Christians use history to back up claims made by the Bible. But Bob's distortion of facts to justify the Christian religion is insulting to both the Bible and Christianity.