Friday, July 20, 2007

Bob Takes Time To Bash His Own Fans

Wow, Bob's ego must've been bruised today!

Bob received a letter from a fan that disagreed with his stance on in-vitro fertilization. She accused him of having a lack of faith that God "would keep the frozen embryos alive." She said that she used in-vitro fertilization and it caused her to produce twins. She also said she kept her other eggs frozen in case she wants to get pregnant again.

Bob replied to the woman via email, and could have left it at that, requires by Matthew 18:15.

But no. Bob decided to let his ego lead him. He read his reply on the air and didn't give the woman a chance to respond. He basically said "I have a lack of faith? No, YOU have a lack of faith!"

Nice, Bob. Not only have you in fact, sinned by going against the teachings of Christ, you alienated one of your fans.

Funny, though, that Bob never confronts us on the blog, despite the fact that we've accused him of being a psuedo-Christian for almost a year now.

And no, Bob, bashing a woman on the radio does not count as "having two or three witnesses."


dan said...

OMG, Bobbo skims the bottom of his ego once more and rips into a fan.

My sincere hope is she finds us here online and
starts to open her mind up to the chaos & pain that is bobbo dutko and company. & then she
moves on to something better.

Irl Hudnutt said...

Wow, I wish I had heard this.

The thing about Bob is that he needs the control of his radio show to inflate his own ego. His established patterns of blind-siding guests, misstating the facts, and not allowing full responses tells me that Bob can't handle dissent.

No matter how many times Bob brags about being able to handle any nay-sayer, Bob will never confront them in a situation where Bob doesn't have control.