Friday, July 13, 2007

Bob Complains About Hindu Prayer, Distorts Facts (Again)

Yesterday on Bob’s show he brought up the prayer from a Hindu Chaplain that opened up the Senate. This was the first time in US history that the Senate opened with a Hindu prayer.

I’ll admit that I’m curious as to why the decision was made to bring him in, as to the best of my knowledge there are no Hindu’s in the Senate. But I digress.

Of course Bob complained about it, cried about how it’s an assault on our Christian heritage, and blamed it all on Senator Harry Reid. Bob was quick to make a point that Reid and Senator Inhofe, a Republican were the only ones to show up. Bob was even quicker in dismissing Inhofe’s decision to be there, saying it was only because Inhofe wanted to talk about The Fairness Doctrine.

Bob then mentioned that three Christian protesters were thrown out by security.

What Bob didn’t mention was that it was Senator Inhofe calling for them to be thrown out. Not only that, but it was he who introduced the Chaplain.

Why didn’t Bob mention this? Isn’t it obvious? Bob wants all Christians to falsely believe that Democrats and liberals are out to get them. Mentioning that it was a Republican that had them thrown out would turn the world of his listeners (or at least the ones who take him seriously) upside down. Bob’s entire show is dedicated to getting Christians to vote Republican and support conservative ideas-no matter how much they are in opposition to the teachings of Christ.


John said...

I can't wait until someone from the Council for Secular Humanism comes in for the opening "message". Bob's apopolexy should be off the charts!!

dan said...

here here ;-) ...a toast to bob "the apopletic" dutko. may he come full circle and realise his right to express his sense of up and down has
been supported for centuries by humanists.