Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bob Asks: "Who Would Jesus Bomb?"

On Friday's show, Bob was talking about the debate going on between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They have been going back and forth on whether nuclear weapons "should be taken off the table" when dealing with countries like Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East.

Bob threw his two cents in by saying that nukes should always be on the table. He said they should be on the table because if not, Iran and Al Queda would want to attack us.

I'll ignore the fact that Iran has never expressed interest in attacking us, and that Al Queda has already attacked us despite our stance on nukes.

But I am curious as to where Bob found in the Gospels the verse in which Jesus said it's perfectly okay to use weapons that will kill millions of innocent civilians as a means of war.

I've searched the Gospels, but haven't been able to find the verse. Maybe on Monday he'll share where he found it-and what Bible he's using.

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catspjs said...

This is the "Culture of Life" guys. Save the "unborn" but bomb the born out of existence and use phosphorus munitions and depleted uranium to ruin life that's already here. Shameful.