Friday, October 26, 2007

Democrats = KKK

On Friday, Bob devoted a good chunk of time pimping a new book by serial liar David Barton. The book purportedly documents the association between the post-Civil War Democratic Party and the Ku Klux Klan. Bob provided his usual keen intellectual insight by merely reading a WorldNetDaily article practically word-for-word.

Of course, it's no big secret that the signer of the Emancipation Proclamation, President Abraham Lincoln, was a Republican. It's also no secret that racist Southerns flocked to the Democratic Party and African-Americans flocked to the Republicans after the Civil War. But Barton, WND, and Dutko act like they just undiscovered some hidden facts and therefore present day African-Americans should naturally flock back to the Republicans because the Democrats are a bunch of cross-burning Oak-tree-lynching racists.

Luckily, an intelligent listener called in during "free-for-all" Friday set Bob straight. The caller made two important points, which I will reiterate.

First, Bob's "reporting" of this story was irrelevant. African-American voters make their political choices based on what is in their best interest today, not their ancestors' best interest in the years following the Civil War.

Second, Bob's "reporting" was incomplete. Specifically, Bob refused to mention Republican's Southern Strategy. The Southern Strategy was the Republican's attempt to lock up the Electoral votes of the Southern states by appealing to the racists who were unsatisfied with civil rights legislation championed by the Democrats. (Of course, by not mentioning this racist policy, Bob is lying by omission).

Give it up, Bob. Stop trying to equate the racists of the KKK to the present-day Democratic Party. It's just plain dishonest.


djtyg said...

How did Bob respond to the guy that called?

Anonymous said...

He blathered and backpedaled. I wasn't paying too close of attention at that point as I was trying to get some work done before 4. I need to start taping the shows so I can include more direct Dutko quotes. Of course, that would make this hobby more like a full-time job.

John B said...

If you do start taping Bob's pearls of wisdom, you'll probably come to find out that you seem to be taping the same crap-oops excuse me- show over and over again. I have cut back listening to Bob ( i.e. I've stopped wasting my time ) but when I do it seems like deju vu all over again. It's the same B.S. over and over again: evolution is wrong, the gay agenda ( whatever that is ) is evil , prochoice is evil, liberals and Democrats are doing Satan's work, Christianity is being persecuted by those secular humanists,yada,yada yada. Of course to be fair, Bob does have those unique cutting edge topics like can Christians go to acupunturists or can Christian women do lingere modeling.
I did happen to hear the show you talk about and the same rebuttal points ran through my head. Good job mentioning them.
The News Hour with Bob Dutko-News from a head up your ass perspective.

dan said...

a toast to the caller that mentioned the republican "southern strategy." i think richard nixon has had something to do with this idea back in the 50s, go figure ;-)

also interesting to note that bobbo did not rip into fmr president ford and his book which took aim at other republicans, big and small.

oh well, consider the source, as my meme would always tell us kids.