Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Earth is the Center of the Universe?

Bob surprised even me this week. On Tuesday, I heard him state that the Earth was the center of the Universe.

My jaw dropped. Did I travel back to the time of Aristotle and Ptolemy?

No, I was just listening to Bob, as he is oft to do, regurgitating nonsense created by his friends over at Answers in Genesis. AiG basically says that the Earth or the Milky Way is the center of the Universe because the redshifts of other objects in the Universe appear quantized.

Of course, it's all nonsense (as is explained by a real scientist here).

But why are Bob and AiG are trying to push this Earth/Milky Way-centric argument? I wasn't aware that the Bible even asserted that the galaxy was the center of the Universe. It just makes him look even more foolish.


djtyg said...

Wow. I've read some stuff from nutjobs mentioning this nonsense before, but I didn't think even Bob would be so ridiculous as to give it credibility. This is a new low, even for him.

Anonymous said...

I remember Bob saying that there was no other life in the universe. My jaw dropped at his ignorance.

In fact, in Jewish writings it is thought there are many worlds with life on them. Why limit creation to one planet? There is even an inhabited alien planet mentioned in the Bible(i will have to look that reference up).

Anonymous said...

Judges 5:23

Google "Meroz" and the read the commentary in the Talmud.

djtyg said...

anonymous, Meroz is also said to be a city, so it's not known if it was meant to refer to a celestial body.

Anonymous said...

many names of places written in the texts of the bible, talmud and others may actually refer to cities and states in acient times, on this planet or others ;-) ...many people on the right, the far right continue to remain unwilling to accept that these same states which these books describe can refer also to states of consciousness. that is what jesus called heaven, a union, or a connection, a deep state of consciousness.

just as i recently read part of the bible that describes, when translated, a shift in perception, a shift from a piscean age to an aquarian age. yes, this is true. i have to find references. the wise men that came to jesus's birth were all astrologers and trained in mysticism.

even the pope himself, john paul II, referred to heaven as a state of consciousness or beingness, available for all of us to access.

pretty cool huh :-)

so bobbo and company continue to wallow in views that are way to simple and literal and do plenty of injustices when it comes to teaching, let alone do plenty of injustices to the men and women in these bible stories as well.

chesterfield twp

kdog said...

A union a connection a deep state of consciousness.. What a load of crap. Jesus spoke of the kingdom of heaven as a literal place. What is this psychobabble? John 14:3 Jesus said "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me. So that you also may be where I am. Jesus said "In my fathers house are many mansions if this were not true I would have told you. Jesus said in a parable The kingdom of heaven is like a priceless treasure. If a man knew what it was worth, he would sell all he had and buy it. He also said what will a man give in exchange for his soul? He said don't fear one who can take your life, fear the one who can take away your eternal life. Jesus speaks of the after life as being very real, not some bull crap idea or nice feeling.

Anonymous said...

kodg said: What a load of crap

What's up with the childish insults, kdog? I thought you were above all that!

Also, please stop for a moment and look at your keyboard. There's a key, typically on the far right-hand side of the main section labeled, "Return" or "Enter". If you press this key, the computer will move the cursor to a new line of text. Press it again and you'll create a blank line.

Using this advanced "Enter" key technique, you can create paragraphs. Ideally, one uses these paragraphs to separate thoughts or ideas in to coherent packages of information. This will help the people who read your drivel to better understand what you're trying to say and not want to gouge their eyeballs out with a ballpoint pen.