Monday, October 22, 2007

"Little Snippets"

As DJ has mentioned before, Bob utilizes a lot of techniques (voice inflections, etc.) in his daily broadcast to make his position sound appealing and to cast opposing positions in a negative fashion.

For example, Bob also likes to throw in little words of disparagement of the opposing position whenever possible. For example, Bob launched into one of his routine tirades against the scientific theory of evolution/common descent today. In doing so, Bob stated that evolution is scientifically impossible when you look at "all the evidence," not just the "little snippets" provided in the peer-reviewed publications. There has been over 130 years of scientific exploration into the origin of life on Earth and Bob reduces that down to some easily dismissed "little snippets."

Just take a look at this list of 100s of references used in creating the "29+ Evidences for Macroevolution"* at TalkOrigins. Does that list look like a few "little snippets" to you? And believe me, this isn't even close to a complete list of scientific articles written about evolution/common descent.

Bob, please stop being dishonest. God doesn't like liars.

*Please note that unlike Bob's technique, it's "evidences" of evolution, not "proofs". Science doesn't deal with absolute proofs.

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