Friday, November 30, 2007

CNN/YouTube Republican Debate

Yesterday, Bob was appalled and outraged at Wedneday's YouTube debate of Republican presidential candidates on CNN. His main point of contention was that Democrats were allowed to ask questions of the Republicans who were running. Bob claimed this was patently unfair and that it did not happen during the previous YouTube debate of Democratic candidates.

Unfortunately for Bob, the LA Times throws cold water on this theory:
A review by the Los Angeles Times of the debate sponsored by CNN and YouTube four months ago found that the Democratic presidential candidates also faced queries that seemed to come from the conservative perspective. At least two of the citizen-interrogators had clear GOP leanings.
This has got to be one of the stupidest arguments that Dutko has ever made (and stupid arguments are Dutko's forte). Why in the world should questions to presidential candidates be limited to those of his or her party? Whoever becomes President has the power to effect all of our lives, not just those of his or her political party.

So, to recap, (1) Bob was wrong and (2) Bob doesn't make any logical sense. Just another day at the Bob Dutko Show!


Irl Hudnutt said...

This argument had to be generated by the Republican National Committee because I heard Sean Hannity and Paul Edwards make the same charge.

So not only was Bob not smart enough to generate his own complaint, he lied and presented it as original thought!

If Bobbo ever had an original thought, his head would explode.

dan said...

oh my, just goes to show the degree to which talking points are spun out so fast. bobbo is
on the pundits email list for sure.

djtyg said...

Yeah, but it's always okay if you're a Republicon in their world (IOKIYAR).

dan said...

the hollywood inspiried image of the ideal family, an image created out of the chaos and horror of world war II, the so called "50s family" has always
been an image, not real, not even an ideal family,
not by today's standards, not by the rational and progressive thinking ppl even back in the 50s.

think repression of women or children, think out
of the norm and get labeled a communist.

hannity, bobbo and the rnc continue to push a false image of reality on the rest of us, an image george w has bought into hook, line and sinker,
2050 might look and feel like 1950.