Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nativity Scenes

Yesterday, Bob said, "it's more difficult to find retailers that are even selling nativity scenes these days."

Bob, please learn to use Google or any of the other fine search engines out there. I put "outdoor nativity" into Google and got a plethora of results. If you can imagine it, someone is selling it.

Plastic nativity sets? Check. Light up nativity scenes? Check. Poly-resin cast? Check. Inflatable? Check. Life sized fiberglass? You bet. An Italian-made set for over $25,000? Why not?

So is Bob really having a hard time finding retailers who are selling nativity scenes? Or is he just trying to, once again, foist his Christian persecution complex on us? I'll go with the latter.


John B said...

Suffering from a Christian persecution complex huh? Looks like a job for Celeste Sue Benskey, WMUZ's official licensed Christian counselor.!!! I have nativity scenes on the front lawns on many of the homes in my development. These people had to get them somewhere ( I love the one where the people had put Santa alongside the Three Wise Men )

dan said...

:-) I suspect even Celeste Sue would need to see a therapist after a consult with Bobbo. But then as a
man who has been through therapy and learned to recognize b.s. when he hears it, that is what i hear
on Bobbo's show. and Bobbo, i think, knows it to.

All in the name of God, 'er, i mean the right wing of the Republican Party, sorry, my bad.

:-) It is funny to have 'Santa hangin wit the Wise Guys' on the lawns of America. To me, when its'
seen beyond the surface, you can see people are
willing to add on to the traditional themes. Fun.
Far too mind-bending an exercise for Bobbo &
most of his listeners though.

BTW, the three wise men were astrologers, just
an FYI, astrologers that Bobbo routinely shuns.


John B said...

Somebody in my development once had a light bulb in the manger in place of the traditional PVC baby Jesus. I guess they took the phrase " Light of the World " very literally. And speaking of Nativity trivia I believe that the number of "wise men" is never mentioned. I don't have my King James handy as I write this so I can't look up the actual verbage but I think the story simply says " wise men from the east" and never specifically mentions how many. Finally I checked out Ms Benskey's web page. Christian counseling doesn't come cheap. Sawa rate for $100 bucks for an hour.

dan said...

speaking of nativity scenes on lawns, i am thinking of getting one soon. mine will be a little different, in this case, the family, animals and wise men will stay at a "la quinta" as i stole sheets and towels ;-)
and bathroom mints.

anyone know of mary, joseph or the wise men smoked marlboro's ? i think i have a coupon.

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure that "Marlboro" is the trade name for frankincense. But they didn't use filters back then.